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This same Cyberpunk 2077 mod converts you into a truthful Edgerunners cyber psycho

The mod adds a humanity score that reduces when getting into cyberwar and killing people. Play nice or go insane.

You can definitely have too much of a good thing in the Cyberpunk universe. Trying to give yourself cybernetically enhanced vision, leg implants that enable you to double-jump, retractable blades that pop out of your arms, and any number of other body-enhancing cyberwar may seem like a great idea, but replacing your human parts with machinery comes with a downside: a gradual loss of humanity and a possibility of developing cyber psychosis, a mental disorder characterized by symptoms including such loss of empathy, impulsive outbursts, and extreme violence.

In the Cyberpunk tabletop game, a player’s humanity is governed by an empathy stat, which reduces with each new cyberwar implant get and can eventually lead to cyber psychosis, at which point the GM wants to control the player’s character. Cyberpsychosis is also heavily featured in the Netflix anime series Cyberpunk: Edgerunners, with several characters trying to deal with the circumstance.

Even so, the condition is not well-explored in Cyberpunk 2077. There are a number of missions to track down and neutralize cyber psychos lose in Night City, but they mostly comprise brief investigative activities that lead to boss fights against powerful and insane enemies. There’s now a way to dive deep a very little deeper into the concept with your own character.

According to GamesRadar, Djokovic, a prolific Cyberpunk 2077 modder, has created the Wannabe Edgerunner mod, which will enable you to play CD Projekt’s RPG with a more lore-based approach to cyber psychosis. It adds a new humanity system to the game, bringing it more in line with the TTRPG and Cyberpunk Edgerunners, and the effects of cyber psychosis will be powered up if your humanity is too low.

It’s not only the addition of fresh cyberwar to your body that will decrease your humanity score. Committing murders will also decrease your humanity, going to act correspondingly to a morality system. Certain operating systems, such as Berserk, which stimulates attack buffs for melee and projectile weapons, will also decrease your humanity score. and Sandevistan (also featured in the anime series), which enhances blade attacks. In other words, if you plug in some cyberwar and go rampaging around the city executing innocent people with special attacks, you’ll become the cyber psycho you’re already acting like.

The side effects of cyber psychosis seem to be mild initially, introducing some minor visual glitches and a debuff to your critical damage modifier that can be deleted by falling asleep. However, the symptoms deteriorate, with more severe visual glitches and another debuff to critical hit chance. When you go full cyber psycho, you’ll become more powerful with buffs to your speed, armor, and health regeneration, but your vision will be impeded by glitches and cops will automatically be dispatched to your location.

There has been some great news. Acquiring higher quality cyberwar won’t have the same effect on your humanity as buying cheap junk parts and trying to stuff them into your body. You can also help counter your shrinking humanity with a neuro blocker injection, as seen in the anime series. They could be bought from ripper docs, and using them will remove cyber psychosis side effects and freeze the loss of humanity points while the medicines are active.

It sounds like a fascinating system to integrate into Cyberpunk 2077. It’ll surely make you reconsider whether to go ham on a bunch of civilians, and it’ll give you some additional choices to look into when deciding what cyberwar to clasp onto your skin. Nexus Mods sells the Wannabe Edgerunner mod.

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