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The team behind the Dread X Collections is continuing to work on a Creepshow game.

The collection will be published in 2024.

The Dread X Collections are bite-sized horror packages that are at least partially responsible for the recent resurgence of retro horror games, particularly those in the Ps4 1. The games in the five collections range from comedic to genuinely creepy and encompass genres ranging from first-person shooters to point-and-click adventures.

Given their episodic nature, they are equivalent to George Romero’s old horror anthology Creepshow, which was a feature-length film composed of the following short, grisly stories. If you’ve ever said that, you can now feel vindicated because the team behind the Dread X Collections is working to develop a Creepshow game to tie into AMC’s recent episodic revival.

Creepshow(opens in new tab), which has been revived in 2019, has become available exclusively on the horror-themed streaming service Shudder. A fourth season is currently in the works, but the game adaptation will also not be ready until 2024. But it will be worth the wait: the studio behind Mortuary Assistant is involved, and a developer on that game, Brian Clarke, will serve as creative director for the Creepshow project as a whole.

More announcements from AMC and DreadXP have been significant over the coming months, and it’s unclear whether the adaptation will be based on actual Creepshow episodes or if it’ll be comparable to the older Dread X Collections with a new name. The game will “retain the iconic franchise’s anthology horror format, consisting of multiple self-contained horror stories that cross gameplay genres and tone,” per the announcement.

The Haunted PS1 Demo Disc is one high-profile example of modern retro horror, which puts an emphasis on the creepy, unheimlich qualities of early 3D graphics. Puppet Combo, whose Murder House is brilliant, is my personal fave developer in this style of music. Nun Massacre looks good too though.

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