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The Quarry, a horror video game, is receiving free DLC for a short while

The Quarry is getting temporary free DLC that draws on its vintage horror concepts, reflecting the game’s inspiration.

The Quarry’s upcoming free DLC seems to lean even more heavily on the classic horror periods from which the developer Supermassive Games has drawn inspiration for some of its previous titles. As it prepares for the release of The Devil In Me, the upcoming game from The Dark Pictures Anthology, the studio has only released costume DLC since its June release. For a limited time, this will alter thanks to free DLC for gamers who wish to experience the atmosphere of a 1950s horror movie.

The Quarry is an interactive horror game, much like Supermassive’s The Dark Pictures Anthology and Until Dawn, where the player’s choices ultimately influence who survives and dies during the game. In The Quarry, a group of scout leaders at the fictional Hackett’s Quarry summer camp are followed as they decide to make the most of their final night there. The counselors must rely on their wits and each other to survive the night as the fun night suddenly turns to fear as the group is trapped between supernatural terrors and vicious locals of Hackett’s Quarry.

The Quarry effectively immerses players in their own interactive horror movie from the 1950s or 1980s by drawing inspiration from classic horror films like Evil Dead, Psycho, and Friday the 13th. Supermassive was forthright about this inspiration. With a new costume pack included in the limited-time free DLC, gamers will be able to further explore this concept and experience playing as a contemporary Creature from the Black Lagoon or The Thing. Players will be able to get it for free up until November 1st as a Halloween surprise from the makers, but it will then cost $4.99.

Some gamers might not be shocked that Supermassive added more clothes to lean into the game’s inspirations given the 80s-inspired outfits added to the game in its July 2022 update. The company looked to “monster features” from the 1950s in particular when creating The Quarry in order to make it more like Until Dawn than The Dark Pictures Anthology. Players can further incorporate that concept into the game by donning a collection of clothing inspired by stars from the 1950s, such as Shirley MacLaine and James Dean.

Whether Supermassive will create any further content for The Quarry before the release of the last Dark Pictures game for its first season is unknown. Additionally, the game’s director, Will Byles, recently discussed the studio’s upcoming major horror title, stating that it would follow in the footsteps of Until Dawn and The Quarry but might steer clear of the teen horror subgenre. His comments appear to indicate that Supermassive may already be developing this game’s sequel, which may leave little opportunity for new material for The Quarry given the possibility of future Dark Anthology games.

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