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The Growth Platform Is Debuted

We’re here to help scale-ups address and solve over 900 scaling challenges, thx to a decade of supporting scale-ups, including 30% of UK unicorns.

Add your leaders to the platform to assist them to improve their skills and networks, letting them fix issues quickly, save time, and accelerate your scaling journey.

The 2022 Tech Nation Visa Report

The future of the UK is in new tech, and with the help of even more incredible global talent in the years ahead, we will stay the number one choice for businesses to start, scale, and stay. We hope that this report would then inform and inspire more people to consider the U.k. as their next, welcoming home.

2022 report on UK new tech

This report collates the most recent statistics on technological advancements in addition to the brilliant minds thinking about its future. What is certain is that the next decade of UK new tech would be full of change.

2022 People and Skills Report

During the last two months of uncertainty for most people, technology has been an enabler for individuals, business owners, and communities. Read the report to take lessons something about UK tech jobs, careers, and transformation.

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