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Terraria lately added a new mode that literally spins the world upside down.

Terraria is turned upside down by the “Don’t Dig Up” world seed.

Terraria was once a game about digging down: you started as a weakling on the surface and mined your way to the planet’s molten core, hauling the resources back up to build cooler and more elaborate tools and structures. That’s still in Terraria, however, after a decade of updates, it’s so much more, with quests and elaborate boss fights, expansive building tools, and unique “world seeds” that change how the world is generated randomly. The Don’t Dig Up world seed is among the most intriguing additions to today’s Labor of Love update. The above did turn the game upside down.

The trying to follow is the patch notes description:

“A notion first discussed during the release of Journey’s End, Don’t Dig Up literally spins the world of Terraria upside down!” The player’s adventure will begin in the depths of the underworld, complete with all new flora to aid in the supply of early resources.

Rethink everything that you’ve managed to learn, but don’t dig up something unless you’re prepared for what comes next!

The name is literal in this particular instance. The surface now starts to resemble hell, with a lava-filled backdrop that evokes memories of Terraria’s depths. The enemies, on the contrary hand, aren’t late-game monsters: they’re just adorable little slimes. Flaming slimes seem to be pretty cute. You can only dig a short distance down before striking bedrock, so the only way to progress is to go up. And the patch notes surely don’t make it sound going to invite up there.

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