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Streamer Amouranth reveals Helen’s marital status and accuses Helen’s husband of emotional abuse

Amouranth claims her husband must have full control atop gray her finances and he has threatened to kill her dogs.

According to Hunter Grooms of esports company The Guard, Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa, one of Twitch’s greatest notable streamers(opens in new tab), revealed her wedding and provided proof of her husband’s abusive behavior in an early Sunday morning stream. Siragusa tried to claim that her husband does have full control over her finances, had also pushed her to stream more than she is willing to, but has threatened to kill her dogs.

Grooms posted a set of four videos from Siragusa’s stream. Viewer discretion is advised so because videos illustrate instances of emotional and psychological abuse. The first shows her on the phone with her husband. Siragusa wants to know why he threatened to kill her pet dogs, and after a slight pause, the man commands her to leave the house. The man berates Siragusa, calls her a liar, and denies threats to kill her dogs in the rest of the video. Based on the clips, it’s unclear if he was cognizant he was on-stream.

Siragusa describes her husband exerting control over her finances in subsequent videos, threatening to leave her with “only $1 million” if she filed a lawsuit against him. For context, a September Kotaku interview(opens in new tab) noted that Siragusa’s net income from OnlyFans, Twitch, Patreon, and other endeavors was $1.7 million per month.

The streamer asserts she was compelled to pursue the income, and she has been known to work 12-hour shifts on-camera. Siragusa quotes a therapist in the second Hunter Grooms video who explains her situation as “a form of psychological abuse” and “a fancy prison.” Siragusa also showcased messages from her husband admonishing and disrespecting her for her streaming schedule.

The final section of Siragusa’s stream (opens in new tab) shows her responding to a woman off camera who wants to ask if she has taken her medicine, a question which would seem to befuddle Siragusa. The streamer still hadn’t gone online or posted whatever updates since the incident at the time of writing.

Siragusa presents herself as an independent entrepreneur with fantasies of opening an animal sanctuary in the aforementioned Kotaku interview from last month. These videos suggest she is being exploited and abused by an intimate partner, who she claims wanted to cover up his existence to promote the Amouranth fantasy. The streamer has previously dealt with stalking incidents (opens in new tab) and a potential arson at her home (opens in new tab). This story will be revised as the story unfolds.

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