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Steam’s statics page has indeed been updated with Billboard-style top sellers charts.

Finally, the page we all use to determine whether the game we would like is more popular than the game our friend desires has been updated.

The Steam Top 100 page is no longer usable. That old utilitarian list of Steam’s most popular games predicated on concurrent player count has been replaced by a more thorough and attractive set of rankings (opens in a new tab). You can still see which games are currently of been played by the most people, but you can now short movies based on their daily unique player counts and how much money they make.

The Top Selling Games chart is the most notable addition to Steam’s new Steam Charts page. Valve has been sharing monthly sales charts for a while now, but with these weekly charts, the industry’s journey to the Billboard Hot 100(opens in new tab) has finally come to an end. The top seller’s chart on Steam, like the famous song ranking, has shown how many places a game has moved up or down since the previous week’s chart. It’s easy to imagine explaining a “chart-topping game” or a game that “topped the Steam chart for four weeks”—a more modern-day version of those old NPD game sales reports that disperse when console warriors quarrel.

The top seller’s chart takes into consideration all income generated by Steam, not just sales figures, so free-to-play games are included (provided they end up making a lot of money through DLC or in-game transactions). Apex Legends is presently third on the list. Cyberpunk 2077 continues to rank fourth on the list, implying that the surge of players since the release of the Netflix anime isn’t just people returning to the game; it’s also demanding it. Of course, we were delighted to see Trombone Champ at #12.

Before this, Steam had a top sales chart in a category on the store’s front document the presence of these new charts, in addition to the fact that they’re archived each week, could multiply their power. Fixating on player counts is a popular PC games pastime, and I’m sure this new Billboard-style top sellers chart will be mistreated by all those attempting to demonstrate it.

The top seller’s category in the Steam store has seemed to use a different ranking system: Valve officially confirmed in a new blog post(opens in a new tab) that the top seller’s category will begin using the “new method of calculating revenue” established for these Steam Charts reports.

Another slight but interesting change is the new option to sort the list of concurrent players by “daily players.” Instead of ranking Steam games by the number of individuals, we are currently playing, the daily players setting is “ranking the games based on the total number of unique players over the last 24 hours.”

This professor affects the picture. When I switch to the daily player’s view, games that are more popular in time zones other than my own, including PUBG, jump several places.

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