Speck has released the new iPhone 14 causes

Amber Neely’s Avatar Amber Neely | November 9th, 2022
Speck has released the new iPhone 14 cover.

Speck Covers has several new cases for the iPhone 14, along with revisions to its long- lines.

When your iPhone 14 arrives, you’ll want to keep it looking brand new. To suit Apple’s latest iPhone, Speck has expanded its popular Presidio, Candy Shell, and Gem Shell lines.


The Presidio line by Speck has indeed been modified to suit the iPhone 14. They feature 13-foot drop protection, antimicrobial protection, and raised real camera rings and bezels to prevent scratches on your smartphone.

Presidio covers are available in stand and Built for Mag Safe versions.

The Built for Mag Safe range includes 38 magnets in the case to ensure alignment.

Presidio cases start at $39.95 and come in a variety of models, including Presidio2 Pro, Presidio Perfect-Clear, and Presidio Edition.

Pro Candy Shell

The iPhone 14 series is also with Speck’s classic Candy Shell Pro line. With its two layers delivering 8-foot drop protection, this soft-touch, pocket- case can keep your iPhone clean.

The Candy Shell Pro series prices $24.95.

Shell of Gem

Check into Speck’s Gem Shell range if you’re looking for a stylish, transparent cover. It comes with 8-foot drop protection, an antiseptic treatment built in, and resists yellowing.

Cases in the Gem Shell series have included the original Gem Shell, Gem Shell Ombre, and Gem Shell Grip. Cases of Gem Casings start at $24.95.

Speck has new cases that also are to match the iPhone 14 range, which you can view per phone below.

  • Cases again for iPhone 14
  • Cases again for iPhone 14 Plus
  • Cases again for iPhone 14 Pro
  • Cases again for iPhone 14 Pro Max

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