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Soon, you’ll be able to relax on your couch and play two Age of Empires games

The age of the controller is now.

Age of Empires just celebrated its 25th anniversary, and along with it, a cheeky small stream stated clearly that Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition and Age of Empires 4 will both be released on Xbox in 2023. That turns out to would also be fantastic news for us because the PC versions will receive the supplementary treats coming to consoles.

Both titles will receive cross-play with our console buddies and controller functionality, which is even more thrilling. It appears to have been difficult to get intricate RTS controls onto a controller. In a post on Xbox News Wire, World’s Edge’s director of customer’s voice It was a “major challenge,” which the developer “had to handle carefully and attentively,” Emma Bridle acknowledged.

Bridle noted that individuals who prefer a pad over the traditional keyboard and mouse will profit from the addition of new directives unique to a controller of the game, “combined with a fresh user experience for consoles.” Additionally, “a new game AI which helps make resource management in a strategy game efficient and intuitive” will be present in both games.

I appreciate it when complex control schemes are reduced to more simple versions, and World’s Edge has undoubtedly succeeded in making an RTS entertaining to play with a controller. It’s a very nice offer when you add it to the ability to play on Xbox with other fellow strategy enthusiasts. More options for varied comfort levels are always a good thing. I’m sure the majority of people will still choose keyboard inputs—Xbox users will also be able to connect to a keyboard and mouse to play.

When each game is released on its appropriate system, the additions will be made available for PC. For Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, that is January 31, 2023, while for Age of Empires 4, it is later that year. There was more exciting AoE news in the broadcast than just that; soon, we’ll be getting the final chapter of a much- spinoff. Neat!

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