Royal Defense: Ancient Menace includes pleasurable tower defense gameplay.

What is the idea of this game?

Big Fish Games invented Royal Defense: Ancient Menace, a Tower Defense-style game. In it, you will build towers and bunker up behind your castle to defend against the approaching hordes of orcs.

An interactive tower defense game that actively involves you in the action!

The game’s storyline is forward, so much so that the summary in the initial paragraph says it all: You have already been tasked with protecting your base from invading orcs. It is might not have seemed so at first, as you are tried to attack by wargs (large wolves), but you soon understand who is behind these attacks as masters are starting as extra troops riding them. Since this is a Tower Defense game, you will mostly be passive in your fight against the orcs, waiting for them to attack you whereas blowing them with your cannons. And we’ll get to that later.

The game’s art style is simple and clear, with a warlike aesthetic. All roads have already been destroyed, and molten lava is pouring out of nearly every hole in the ground. This unsettling landscape would become your home as you use every cliff and surface to secure your defenses.

While everything is in 2D graphics, every unit does have a 3D quality to it that makes it stand out. Enemies and allied units have a distinct appearance and make it sound, that facilitates strategizing on the various levels even though having a clear perspective at all times is crucial.

Plan your moves carefully throughout to eliminate the orcs!

In terms of the gameplay, this is as conventional as a Tower Defense game can get. Your primary is to ensure the preservation of your central base. You lose if you take enough sanctions. You are attacked by approaching enemy units that follow a set pattern and cross it until they reach your fort. To stop them, you should need cannons and other kinds of artillery all along roads and blast the nasty as they rush by. These turrets are costly, and while you start each level with some, the only way to acquire more is to kill orcs.

Because you have to pay close attention to understand where your cannons can fire and where the enemies are coming from, placing the turrets is the main way to win the game. Before a wave starts, a small measure of which path it will storm from. Turrets can be systems interconnected to their entry point, or if you’re feeling brave, at crossroads, so each turret can be useful in multiple scenarios. If you notice a large wave coming from an already crowded area, you can spend gold on upgrades that will enable your artillery to shoot further and faster, in addition, to dealing more damage.

The reality is that you can place a cannon on top of your base as a last line of defense so that when you are attacked from a lightly defended angle, you always will know where the enemy is headed.

The strategy becomes much match continues!

As the match continues, the strategy becomes much more complicated, and if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know what to expect. For example, the base not you can build can shoot down aerial units, didn’t stick across one for quite some time. Once you do, these units ignore the regular paths, and the game will not guide you to the latest solution, since there isn’t one; rather, you should you must use your old, original cannons against these creatures. Apart from cannon types, you also must when using certain power-ups, like the meteor shower, which also with heavy damage against crowded fresh, or the ice beam, which also down units. One seems to be the other.

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