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Riot Games remembers a young Valorant player who died of cancer by giving away a special pistol buddy

The current battle pass includes a bonus copy of the “Corbin’s Light” gun charm.

Riot Games has created a new gun charm called Corbin’s Light that is free to use in the current battle pass in memory of a young Valorant enthusiast who died from cancer earlier this year.

Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Corbin, a young Valiant fan, asked to collaborate with Riot on the creation of a Valorant pistol skin. He tragically passed away a few days after stating his wish, but his family tweeted about it on social media, and Riot fans and developers eventually took notice. Stronger designers called Corbin’s older brother, who then relayed Corbin’s concepts to them.

The riot claimed that Corbin’s Light’s design, which contains the coordinates of a star that the Make-A-Wish Foundation named after him, was motivated by his nice of space and stars.

According to Riot’s integration of game associations artist Catalina Faerman, who worked on Corbin’s Light, “Corbin’s Light holds deep personal importance” (via Instagram).”It was made in honor of one of our athletes who tragically passed away while fighting cancer We decided to celebrate Corbin by creating a Gun Buddy that was informed by both his star, which the Make-a-Wish Foundation named after him, plus more design recommendations from his brother.

“I wanted to make something that would make him proud as well as look like him. Thankfully, our excellent concept artists assisted me in creating the design. Since Corbin’s personal favorite was blue, we decided to use blue for the crystal. I also inscribed the coordinates for the Make-a-Wish star on the frame. I’ve only recently entered the Valiant team, therefore I’m extremely pleased and honored that they trusted me with this work and supported me. I owe a lot of thanks to Corbin and our teammates for motivating us and allowing me to create art for them. I’m proud of Corbin’s Light, and I’ll always cherish this experience.”

The episode 5 act 3 battle pass for Valorant will include Corbin’s Light for free for all players (opens in new tab). Riot Games is also giving to the C-Squad Foundation, a nonprofit started by Corbin’s family that strives to lessen the financial burden placed on families traveling to the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City, through its Social Impact Fund.

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