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Queues in Overwatch 2 remain a problem. Upon 24 hours

Long queue times, disconnects and lost cosmetics had also afflicted the game’s launch.

Overwatch 2 is still beginning to experience login queues, errors, interruptions, and account issues 24 hours after its launch.

If you try to log into Overwatch 2 right now, as of Wednesday afternoon, you’ll greatest probably meet a login queue of thousands. You may also be flung out of line if you make an error. When you start arriving, you could find that you’re missing cosmetic items, currency, and heroes.

After the rocky launch and two DDoS attacks, Blizzard hasn’t provided an update since late last night, when design director Aaron Keller tweeted that it’s “steadily making progress on server issues. The “unexpected server error” from merged PC and console accounts, missing cosmetics and system, and server disconnects seem to be currently on the list.

Some players report that having switched to Asia the globe icon on the launcher) can get you in faster than queuing on North American servers, but others say it didn’t have a significant impact on them. I got in this way successfully yesterday and was able to reconnect after a few mid-match disconnects too though.

I didn’t have anything horrible happens to me once I was in the game and playing matches, so I suppose I’m lucky. Overwatch 2 players have been reporting several issues with different features, all of which could be traced back to server issues. Heroes are going bald because their hair isn’t loading in, emotes cause t-poses (opens in new tab), new cosmetic items cost currency (opens in new tab) for some reason, and accounts are now being reverted (opens in new tab) into new ones with no heroes enabled.

I’ve contacted Blizzard for an update on when any of these problems are anticipated to be settled, and I’ll update this post when I receive a response. Keep an eye on both the Overwatch (opens in new tab) and Blizzard customer support (opens in new tab) Accounts on Twitter for further updates.

Everybody who likes to play Overwatch 2 will have to keep rolling the dice on the login screen, hoping to get in and stay in. And, so because the sequel replaced the original game when it came out, you can’t even play it while you wait for everything to settle.

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