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Pokimane Updates Twitch Streaming Schedule for Fans

Popular Twitch streamer Pokimane gives her followers an update on her streaming plans for the remainder of the year while taking a break from the platform.

Popular streamer Imane “Pokimane” Any has updated her community on the streaming plan for the remainder of the year as her sabbatical from Twitch continues. Before the schedule change, Pokimane gave the community more details about her journey in a YouTube video. In recent months, Pokimane has been taking breaks from Twitch streaming and creative development to focus on mental and physical wellness.

In a message to her community on October 27, Pokimane said that she would be returning to Twitch soon and expressed how much she missed streaming. Pokimane rapidly took a break from Twitch in September after taking a different break from the service, and given her dedication to a new schedule, this break may have had a positive effect. Pokimane was well-known for routinely live streaming before the aforementioned break, and now that Twitch has made it easier for content creators to have their work seen, she has also stretched her reach into TikTok and YouTube and gained more fans there.

Pokimane shared on Twitter that she will be spending the weekend with her parents before coming back from her Twitch vacation and apologizing to her followers for being “more MIA than intended.” She states that she will “work for the rest of the year,” which may imply that she will resume her Twitch schedule from before she left, despite her experiments with other forms of content. With this knowledge, Pokimane fans at least have the opportunity to check up with their favorite live streamer the following week to learn about her current events and what to expect from the channel for the rest of 2022.

Pokimane’s most recent health update covered the reason why she started using dentures, and her most recent major opinion on Twitch was against gambling streams, which have since been outlawed. Although she has promised to be back next week, it’s presently unknown if Pokimane has found the determination she was looking for during her time away from Twitch to aid her. Her mental health may be linked to how much work she had been doing in the past because she had previously cited burnout as the cause of their departure, thus modifications may be made going forward.

Some Pokimane supporters argued that she should always put her health above her live streaming schedule, while others were ecstatic at the Twitch streamer’s comeback to the service. While some Twitch users are already looking forward to travel and League of Legends streams, many others encouraged Pokimane to take her time.

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