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Players Can’t Make Campfires Using Cherry Blossom Logs Due To A Minecraft Problem

The latest Minecraft 1.20 snapshot has a problem that prevents cherry blossom wood from being used to make campfires.

The playable snapshot of the Minecraft 1.20 version is not an exception to the rule that fresh news regularly debuts new bugs. The gorgeous cherry blossom biome is one of the exciting new elements in the upcoming upgrade, which is scheduled for delivery sometime in 2023. With different degrees of success, Minecraft players trying out the newest snapshot naturally gravitated toward the new biome.

Since its debut in 2011, Minecraft has advanced significantly. The open-world sandbox continues to captivate players’ attention and is quite popular with people of all ages. It has also experienced a number of significant changes over time, introducing exciting new features. elements like biomes, mobs, and structures. The mangrove swamp and deep dark biomes, the latter of which comprises massive constructions from ancient cities for players to explore, were recently included in the 1.19 release, also known as the Wild Update.

Players who attempt to make a campfire out of the new cherry blossom wood will be dissatisfied with the latest Minecraft 1.20 playable snapshot, an early build of the next release. The campfire block can be employed as a light source, a bee swatter, a smoke signal, and other things. things. In contrast, campfires help set traps. The bug is known to Mojang, and it will probably be corrected once Minecraft 1.20 is eventually made available.

This kind can be quite painful because it forces players to leave the biome they are currently there to buy wood that will allow them to manufacture the impacted items. Since only a small number of players are enjoying the playable 1.20 snapshot, it is unlikely that they will have time to test every potential scenario in the enormous sandbox that is Minecraft. Fortunately, this new bug was found before the Minecraft 1.20 update went live, but more bugs will likely appear when it eventually does. After all, it’s a game that promotes creativity, and people who play Minecraft are known for making all kinds of bizarre and amazing things.

Although the unannounced Minecraft 1.20 update doesn’t yet have a set release date, there is reason to anticipate it given the wealth of new features it will contain. The inclusion of the prehistoric Sniffer mob and a new archaeology mechanism in Minecraft, which will allow users to discover prehistoric seeds and pottery fragments to help decorate their dwellings, there are signs that the update is focused on prehistory.

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