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Oxenfree 2 has been deferred.

We won’t be able to see it until next year.

Night School Studio’s “What’s up with that radio?”. This was originally planned to be released in the fall of 2021, but it was postponed to 2022, and it has now been forced back to next year. “Seeing your fan art, reading your enthused comments, and connecting with you fuels our ambition to make this our best game yet,” Night School wrote on Twitter (opens in new tab).

Due to its eerie atmosphere, a clever twist on the stranded-teenagers subgenre, and excellent dialogue, the original Oxenfree made our list of the best horror games. Andy Kelly wrote in his Oxenfree review, “Conversations in videogames regularly sound like two people taking turns having read outlines. Even so, in Oxenfree, the lines meld seamlessly, and you can respond at any time by selecting one of 3 choices. If you don’t answer them or decide to walk away and ignore them, the characters will react to your silence. This, combined with fantastic writing and voice acting, makes Oxenfree one of the best virtual recreations of real humans talking to each other—which is privileged, provided how so much dialogue there really is.”

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals will debut a new protagonist who returns to her hometown of Camena, a coastal community besieged by unnatural electromagnetic phenomena. It promises to have meaningful decisions and an in-depth dialogue system, in addition to a new mechanic that enables you to use your walkie-talkie to start a conversation wherever and whenever you would like.

In 2019, Night School released Afterparty, a comedy game that did not have the same influence as its innovative debut. The indie studio was then bought by Netflix in 2021, and a mobile edition of Oxenfree was released through them—Netflix remains dedicated to mobile games. Oxenfree 2 will, however, be published on PC and will be available on Steam(opens in a new tab) next year.

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