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Listed as “one whole new story set in 1960s Japan,” Silent Hill F

Ryukishi07, a top-notch author from Japan, is developing an entirely new game.

Interestingly, in Silent Hill F, the most recent game, which was the webcast for today’s major Silent Hill the transmission incident came to an end.

The teaser was just declared to be a “completely new” video” at the very end of the presentation, with zero fanfare. Before focusing on the teenage girl who is studying a little patch of flowers at the base of a dead tree, the scene begins with a slow pan above gloomy, fog-covered countryside and streets. She moves through the streets while a strange, red weed quickly overwhelms them. Soon, the bizarre plant life engulfs her as well. She tries to get away, but is surprised! This doesn’t turn out well.

The brief credits that result from the results show that Ryukishi07, the pen name of a Japanese author who heads the 07th Expansion writing group and is best known for developing the When They Cry visual novels, is penning the plot for Silent Hill F (which sounds like it’s not a permanent title). While overall development is being handled by Taiwan-based firm Neobards, the creators of the Resident Evil spinoff Re: Animal, verse, and character design is ascribed to “Kera.”

On Twitter(opens in new tab)Konami made known a little bit more information about the game, specifically that it is “an entirely new story set in 1960s Japan.”

In addition to the recently announced Silent Hill 2 remake, Silent Hill Downfall, and the planned Silent Hill 2 film, Silent Hill F is the latest project to be unveiled. That’s a lot of Silent Hill, but it makes sense in light of a recent claim that many Silent Hill games are now being created by different teams.

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