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King Charles and Queen Elizabeth the Zombie are eliminated from the Fallout: London mod

Following Elizabeth’s demise in September, plans for ghoul-modified versions of the monarchs were canceled out of respect.

Fallout: London, which is scheduled for release in 2023 and will take us over the Atlantic to see how cheery old England survived after a bunch of nukes was dumped on it, is one of the most fascinating Fallout 4 mods in the semi-near future. Both in one extensive gameplay video and another that provided us with a blistering critique of rideable bicycles and weapon elephants, we’ve already seen a lot of the update.

Queen Elizabeth, though, won’t be seen in Fallout: London. The longest-reigning monarch of the United Kingdom was to appear in the mod as a ghoul, complete with a blue jacket, a beautiful hat, and two tiny ravenous corgis ghouls by her side.

Since the real Queen died suddenly in September, the varied depending have chosen to cut the undead Elizabeth from the full-conversion plan. (Note: In the Fallout universe, ghouls, especially feral ghouls, are occasionally referred to as zombies, but the term is usually used in a negative manner.)

The Fallout: London development team officially tweeted about Queen Elizabeth’s removal from the mod last month, letting followers know that this had been the plan: The modders had previously stated in a statement I can’t be bothered to look for or verify that “our function for Her Majesty will be disabled in the case of her death from within the mod.” This was announced officially in a new Fallout: London progress video that was reported recently. It’s no longer the Ghoul Queen.

Additionally, project coordinator Dean Carter discloses in the video that a Prince Charles ghoul was in the works for Fallout: London. The video indicates that Prince Charles (now King Charles in actuality) has also been deleted from the mod and exhibits some concept art of the hideous prince (as well as the Ghoul Queen).

Do not expect them to be there, warns Carter. “There is no point complaining or posing questions in the responses. This is the mod’s official position, that won’t alter.” The absence of the monarchs will be substituted by something else, according to Carter, but we’ll “have to wait and see” what that is.

As an American, I must admit that I’m a little puzzled by some of the more extreme responses to Queen Elizabeth’s demise, but I admire the modders’ choice to remove the monarchs out of respect. After all, it is their mod, and it should fulfill their vision alone, not anyone else’s.

I must confess that I adored the character designs and concept art for both of the horrified royals, especially the Queen’s charming Q-shaped cap. Very Super smash bros. Defeating the ghoul Queen and having to don the helmet myself would have been amazing for sure. But hey, knowing the internet, I wouldn’t be too shocked if the Queen’s ghoul (or at least the hat) were to be officially added into the mod at some time, so maybe I’ll still get a chance.

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