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In this cute, paranoia-inducing Among Us song, everyone is sus.

The Chalkeaters have previously pondered philosophical quandaries such as if Bowser was a hot lady as well as whether Doomguy was in Animal Crossing.

The Chalkeaters(opens in new tab), a nerd parody music group, released a new music video today, “A Songs Amongus(opens in new tab),” celebrating the indie hit, Among Us. The group is the latest in a long line of people who proclaim loudly for all to hear that things are “sus,” that they see developer InnerSloth’s little space, man, everywhere, and other things.

Whether you play it or not, Among Us has joined the pantheon of Games for Nephews, Baby Cousins, and Little Brothers and along with Fortnite and Five Nights at Freddy’s. I just want to be left alone with my immersive sims and CRPGs like the odd old man which I am, but everything is “sus” now, and kids are finding the game’s little space men in innocuous everyday objects like a grandma seeing Jesus’ face in a toast. I’m with what isn’t it(opens in new tab), and what is it would seem odd and horrifying.

Indeed, the video for “A Songs Amongus” reflected my paranoia about this youth phenomenon (which is related to paranoia). In a world where everything is “sus,” where can one place their trust? The Chalkeaters’ protagonist, such as me, is haunted by “Amogus,” catching glimpses of the game’s implacable little space men everywhere from a chicken nuggie to the written form of Sinhalese, one of Sri Lanka’s official languages.

I’m saying it’s a really cute music video, just kind of nice. It reminds me of the Harry Partridge(opens in new tab) Skyrim songs from back in 2011, which have been cheeky, sincere, and pretty funny. The genre changes in “A Songs Amongus” had been definitely appreciated; you’ve got the pop-y throughline, but also a more funky dance section, and some metal is thrown in. And then you’ll see more from the Chalkeaters, besides an ode to Animal Crossing and Doom crossing over(opens in new tab), check out their YouTube(opens in new tab) channel and Patreon(opens in new tab) (opens in new tab).

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