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How to Get Your First 1000 Instagram Follower

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks today, with 40% of US citizens being used. This makes it a platform worth your time and effort, but building an audience can be hard. Here are 10 Instagram tips to assist you to get your first 1000 followers.

Instagram remains one of the best platforms for gaining a following. It has over a billion users worldwide, and 71% of businesses in the United States employ it. And did you know that Instagram could result in improved of four times that many interactions as Facebook? It ought to go without saying: For aspiring businessmen and content creators, Instagram is the place to be.

When studying how to grow an Instagram account, it’s easy to come across the advice. However, most of these tricks are more successful with large deals; they are much more difficult to apply if you only have very few hundred followers. Reaching the first 1000 followers on any social media site is typically the most difficult part since people tend to ignore small accounts.

We’ve created a list of 14 Instagram methods for obtaining 1000 followers. Let’s get began!

How to Get Your First 1000 Instagram Follower

1. Make your Instagram bio pop unique.

2. Establish a link to your network.

3. Find your target market.

4. Find your ‘brand’ voice.

5. Post interesting content.

6. Create unforgettable, shareable captions! (This was initially part of point 5)

7. Optimize your Instagram imagery

8. Consistent post

9. Experiment explore, test, and analyze your material.

10. Get to the top of the search.

11. Learn how the Instagram algorithm works.

12. Make use of video content.

13. Stay current on content and platform trends.

14. Don’t waste your time.

1. Make your Instagram bio pop up.

Your bio will be the first item new followers see, so by okaying it, you can target your ideal audience. If they like what they see, they’ll greatest likelihood of finding the follow button.

What are the main themes you want to highlight here? Call it your 150-character short pitch. Furthermore, be aware that your username and name are searchable, but the whole of your bio isn’t really.

Here are some bio factors that might help in drawing followers:

  • An attractive, high-quality profile.
  • A call to action (a #hashtag to share, a link to follow, or an email address.)
  • Snappy copy that seems to have been written by a genuine guy (not a robot.)

2. Log into your network

As already stated, getting the first few hundred followers is often the most difficult aspect of growing a following on social media. So, why not start by following your friends, family, coworkers, and everybody else you know? They would almost definitely follow you back and, perhaps, promote you to their friends. Verify your Facebook and contact list to see if you’ve utilized all of your connections.

3. Target customer

Try to describe your ideal audience when you initially create your account. Write it down. What would they like, who do they follow, and what makes them tick? Then, look for other accounts that appeal to the exact audience you just described.

For example, if you’re a travel vlogger, look for travel accounts and vloggers that fit your audience criteria. Find the accounts and creators that post often and demonstrate a high level of interaction with their work.

The idea now is for you to use their profiles and audiences. Post a comment on their posts. Follow and interact with their followers. Engage! Before your audience voluntarily follows you and engaged with your content, you first must catch their attention and establish a connection.

4. Develop your ‘brand’ voice.

This could sound a tiny bit corporate, but if you want to acquire Instagram followers, you should think of yourself as a brand. That doesn’t mean you must be entirely serious; rather, treat your profile as a shop front, landing page, or customer service helpline for your favorite brand.

People might use the word “tone,” but in speaking, it is about your brand’s identity. Captions and comments should be presented in a consistent look, so you’re not talking in text lingo one post and ye olde English the next. Every brand’s voice is different, but a simple, semi-casual tone is a good starting point if attempting to gain more Instagram followers.

It also applies to your visual cues. It helps stylistically if you have a consistent ‘thing’ that is distinctly yours. It’s fine to have a personal Instagram account with random videos and pictures. But, if you intend to acquire Instagram followers from outside your friends, family, and colleagues, you need to curate your content so that it appears distinctly yours.

5. Create unforgettable, sharing captions

It is an art form to be capable of writing a catchy caption. Using captions successfully, from inquiries to comedy to fun facts, is a quick way to encourage activity on your posts and help your followers get to know you. Calls to action, emojis, and humorous descriptions are all trying caption options for getting more Instagram followers.

Engaging with your current audience is essential for increasing your Instagram followers.

In a post, pose a simple, open-ended question; in your Stories, use a poll or question sticker to spark discussion.

Remember that every comment is a chance to gain a new follower or keep an old one, so answer each one. Make your followers your friends, as well as the work, would be rewarded.

6. Provide content that promotes engagement.

You must somehow write appealing captions, but the content itself is equally crucial. Sure, Instagram is for viewing things. Nevertheless, when trying to attain 1000 followers, encouraging existing – and potential – fans to like, share, comment, and vote on things builds a sense of community, despite of how small the actual following may well be.

Here are some samples of content and captions which you could use to boost your Instagram followers:

  • Posts containing concerns
  • Requests seeking suggestions or tips
  • Personal or funny stories
  • Posts tagged tag-a-friend
  • AMA (ask me anything) topics
  • Adopt a trend
  • Post a ‘before and after photo.
  • Share behind-the-scenes video
  • Create a tournament

7. Optimize your Instagram imagery

You wouldn’t try to play an old cassette tape on a Sony 4, so why would you post a photo on Instagram that doesn’t seem to fit there? You don’t have to be a professional photographer to produce great photos, but you didn’t reveal random, blurry selfies. Yeah, but this is not how you get 1000 Instagram followers!

If you have the time and money, using professional cameras and editing software is best, but your smartphone will do. Lastly, as already stated, you should create memorable, sight content that is aligned with your brand voice.

Examine symmetry, tiny details, various angles, and negative space, and focus on only one subject at a time. Lighting is also crucial for good material, and if you want to edit it before uploading it to Instagram, check out our guide to key lighting here.

8. Consistent publishing

Successful content creators and social media Jedis everyone has 1 thing in common they post frequently. Not to add, at the right time. Use Instagram Insights to find out only when your intended audience is most likely to be active.

You increase your chances of obtaining engagement with your audience by providing the correct content at the right time. Making it a point to publish something every day sends a message: it’s worth returning for more!

It’s also a smart way for getting to know your audience better. The more individuals who leave comments on your post, the higher this will appear in their feed. This helps to broaden your reach, allowing you to gain more Instagram followers.

You can pinpoint holidays and charge up for future events by scheduling your content in advance. A planned content calendar will also offer you the ease of mind as you won’t have to stress-post stuff odd on days once you’re low in inspiration.

When users navigate through their feeds, the Instagram algorithm sets the order of the posts they see. Based on specific signals, this prioritizes the best-performing posts, pushing the most relevant ones to the top and giving them with the most visibility. As a consequence, the more individuals interact with your content, the higher it will score.

9. Experiment test, test, and analyze your content.

It’s crucial to experiment with your content and assess the results to discover what works and what doesn’t with your audience.

Establishing a content strategy for these five Instagram features is a fantastic idea:

  • Feed
  • Stories
  • Live
  • Videos
  • Reels

If you create a habit of using all of these features and using them well, your chances of discovery and engagement will rocket. You must use all of them and test the content. Then, to use the metrics, identify who your top three – or even top five – posts are. This is your audience telling you what type of information they prefer; if a certain content piece performs poorly over a long period, it’s not worth doing in the eyes of your followers.

In particular, try to track weekly profile visits, follower numbers from individual posts (analyzing this information will help you create content specifically for acquiring followers), and bio link clicks. Any information you can gather is helpful since it helps you build a clearer picture of what content to keep creating. Instagram Insights is a helpful tool for monitoring these key variables.

10. Get the very first screen of search results

The top search results of Instagram are the jackpot for increased exposure. While the details of Instagram’s algorithm are unclear, there are a few items you could do to boost your chances of appearing there.

  • Post when most of your followers are online. If you don’t have a business account, check over your posts and note which ones received the most engagement, along with the time you posted them. Have you observed a pattern? If so, it’s most likely whenever the bulk of your followers are online.
  • Always create high-quality images that are related to your niche.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to the industry. They shouldn’t be too well-liked. The harder it is to get to the top of the discover page, the more popular they are.
  • Tag all images that include other people or brands. They will then receive a message about your post, and there is a possibility that they will engage with or reshare it too.
  • It’s always beneficial to have relationships with the large in your specialty. When accounts with a large number of followers engage with your content, you have a greater chance of making it to the top.

11. Know the Instagram algorithm.

Here’s a quick down of the three crucial factors to understanding how Instagram’s algorithm works:

  • The relationship between an artist & their followers
  • The content’s relevance
  • The antiquity of a content

This is by no means a comprehensive summary, as the algorithm is a beast. Calling it “the algorithm” isn’t entirely true; a lot is going beneath the hood, and it requires time and patience to figure it all out. To learn how to get 1,000 Instagram followers, you first must understand what the Instagram algorithm is and how it works. Check out our guide here.

12. Take the use of video content

In general, video content receives 34% more interactions than static image content. That tells us that video content is something that you should incorporate into your content strategy at the absolute least.

Instagram now offers a multitude of video options to choose from. They were just as continues to follow:

  • Videos in Instagram Long-form videos were once housed under the IGTV app. They’re now integrated into the main Photos app, directly in your feed. However, if you want to post longer videos (up to ten minutes on mobile, or an hour once verified), the IGTV app lets you do so.
  • Reel Instagram. Reels are small bits of content, comparable to TikTok videos. They’re an excellent way for creators to connect to their audience.
  • Live via Instagram. It’s an efficient way to show your audience what’s taking place behind the scenes, and it can run a maximum of four hours, which is great for instructional and ‘how-to’ content.

13. Keep an eye on content and platform trends.

Social media moves at a breakneck pace. When TikTok debuted and started to ruffle feathers, Instagram responded with Reels. When Reels became widely available, Instagram’s various algorithms and processes started to favor Reels content above regular Stories and Feed posts – after all, it wanted to convince people that Reels were worth consuming instead of migrating to TikTok.

As a consequence, it’s essential to stay current on platform and content trends. If a new Instagram feature is released, it will nearly certainly be getting an initial push, as Instagram wants these things to succeed. Likewise, users will keep trying out these features, so if your content is available from the beginning, you have a stronger chance of acquiring more Instagram followers.

14. Need not waste your time

If you want to know how to get 1000 Instagram followers, you first must know (and develop!) your existing audience – it is essential because your followers engage with you and your content. This not only shows their enthusiasm for what you’re posting, but it also pushes your posts higher up in the feed, giving you more exposure.

As just a consequence, fake accounts are worth having amongst your followers. If these accounts do follow you, take a moment every week or month to clean up your following.

These accounts tell the algorithm that your content isn’t valuable, therefore it won’t be shown to as many people.

Fake accounts are usually easy to spot based solely on their usernames, and you may double in the browsing of their feed. Fake accounts often include just a few comments, and what is it is typically spammy.

Another thing you can avoid from your schedule is the follow-unfollow game. Keep your eyes on the prize and resist following and unfollowing other accounts for the sake of following and unfollowing.

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