Guys who Fall Fall Guys Prime Gaming Rewards for October 2022 and How to Link an Amazon Account

By linking your Amazon account to Fall Guys, you could get free costumes every month.

Fall Guys has gone free-to-play, and with 20 million players enjoying falling in silly costumes at launch, there have been obligated to be plenty of new arrivals looking to get as many cosmetics as potential, and one great way to do so is through the current October Prime Gaming rewards.

You can link an Amazon prime account to Fall Guys and experience new costumes every month if you have an Amazon Prime subscription.

Check out our Season 2 battle pass skins page to see even more costumes you can get for progressing in Fall Guys’ free and premium tiers.

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  • How to Attach One’s Amazon Account to Fall Guys
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  • 1,800 Kudos

October 2022 Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards

It took a bit longer than usual, but now that Season 2 is efficient and increasing, we can finally redeem some new Prime Gaming rewards in addition to those free and premium Season 2 skins!

The trying to follow are the current Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards for October 2022:

  • Cap created of rubber birds
  • Pool Ring to Celebrities
  • 1,800 Kudos

Kudos has returned! For a while, having three cosmetics to claim was nice, but with 1,800 Kudos, you can now buy whatever pattern, costume, nameplate, or nickname you want in the shop.

How to Attach One’s Amazon Account to Fall Guys

To obtain Prime Gaming rewards in Fall Guys, you must first possess an active Amazon Prime membership, and then link the Amazon accounts linked with the Prime membership to your Fall Guys account. Even if you only have a free trial of the subscription service, you’ll get the Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards!

When you’ve affirmed you’re subscribed to Amazon Prime, that your payment method is current, and that you have OTP set up on your Amazon account with your current mobile phone number, follow these instructions to link your Amazon account to Fall Guys:

  1. Bring up the Fall Guys options screen and choose ‘Settings’ from the main menu.
  2. Then choose ‘Link Amazon Account’ and browse to the appropriate local code website (UK players ought to go to while Us players should visit
  3. Connect your Amazon account.
  4. Enter any OTP codes being sent to your phone.
  5. When prompted, enter the code displayed in Fall Guys on the Amazon website.
  6. Start giving Prime Gaming access to your Fall Guys account.
  7. Close and restart Fall Guys on your controller or PC.
  8. Go to, sign in, and scroll down to the Fall Guys rewards segment.
  9. Pick the current reward and then tap ‘Complete Claim.’
  10. If no problems happen, a ‘Successfully Claimed’ menu will appear.
  11. To add the rewards to your account, restart Fall Guys.

We’ve mentioned the specific Amazon websites in the United States and the Empire that allow you to link your Fall Guys account with your Amazon account, but if you’re from another region, you’ll need to go to your own specific Amazon regional code address to link your accounts.

You should link your Fall Guys account to the correct Amazon region otherwise you will not be able to get your Fall Guys Prime Gaming rewards. If you unintentionally link to the wrong Amazon region, merely unlink from the same ‘Settings’ menu in Fall Guys and s new to the correct Amazon region.

If you operate with any troubles while linking your accounts, twice that amount you’re linking an Amazon accounts with an active Prime subscription, that your default payment option hasn’t expired, and that you’ve restarted the Fall Guys game a few times.

Lastly, if you attempt to claim your monthly Fall Guys rewards in step 9 and get the ‘Go to Mediatonic’ option instead of ‘Complete Claim,’ click the ‘I already linked my accounts’ option at the bottom of this window. The option to ‘Complete Claim’ should be available now.

Previous Prior reply: Fall Guys Prime Gaming Reward

Every month since December 2020, a new Fall Guys costume has been rewarded to Amazon Prime subscribers who have linked their Fall Guys account with their Amazon account – except August 2021, whenever the July 2021 rewards have been extended another month.

In addi – tion to costumes, Kudos, and Crowns have been included in prior Fall Guys Prime rewards.

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