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Genji tries to deflect Ana’s grenade from across the map in this incredible Overwatch clip.

An Overwatch player uses their Deflect ability to counter a grenade thrown by Ana from across the map, having completed a nearly impossible play.

During a recent Overwatch game, one Genji player diverted Ana’s Biotic Grenade from a considerable distance away. With the discharge of Overwatch 2 nearing, many gamers are still playing online matches in the original Overwatch before it goes offline. Moreover, despite the game being over six years old, some of these gamers have been sharing some incredible highlights.

Genji, a well-known DPS hero in Overwatch, is one of the characters in use by players to pull off some of these impressive plays. While his Ultimate, Dragonblade, is potent, especially when combined with a Nano Boost, Deflect is an effective change in his armory. This program allows Genji to deflect numerous projectiles back at an opposing player, and it can sometimes change the outcome of a fight. While Deflect requires good timing, one player took this move to a higher level.

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Notch, a Reddit user, uploaded a clip to the game’s official subreddit showing them making an incredible Deflect play as Genji against an enemy Ana player. The clip was captured while the Reddit player had been assaulting the first objective on the Eichenwalde map. However, the movie began with defending team’s Ana player trying to exit the spawn room. As the Support player contacted the action, they launched a Biotic Grenade into the air ahead of them. They had no concept of what was going to happen next.

Back at the first objective battle, Notmichu decided to be using their Deflect ability. It perfectly countered the Biotic Grenade flung by the Ana player from across the map by using the ability to block incoming fire from the attackers on the point. In fact, the grenade deflection managed to hit players on the opposing team.

Only with just a few days till the original Overwatch servers shut down, this could be one of the last times someone pulls off this type of Deflect play in the game. However, Genji is coming to Overwatch 2, which also implies that gamers like NotMitchu would be able to execute far more insane movements with the character in the future.

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