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Free Moonstones from Disney Dreamlight Valley

Players of Disney Dreamlight Valley are being rewarded with free Use of moonstones way of saying “thank you” for staying with the game despite all of its ups and downs since launch.

Disney has announced that as a thank you for sticking with the game over its occasionally difficult Early Access debut, it will be providing all Disney Dreamlight Valley players free 2,500 Moonstones on Monday. Players would be able to purchase the complete Star Path thanks to this generous distribution of Moonstones, or they may keep them for use in upcoming Disney Dreamlight Valley expansions.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley life simulation game, created by Gameloft, was released in Early Access in the fall of 2022 and heavily draws inspiration from games like Nintendo’s Animal Crossing series. Disney Dreamlight Valley players can customize their characters and homes and as they complete game objectives, many diverse objects are presented, similar to Animal Crossing. The game was at first favorably received. by many Disney fans who played it in early access, has encountered several technical problems, including one that makes it difficult for some players to explore the Vitalys Mines area that was added in the most recent update due to a flashing screen effect.

Gameloft, the creator of Disney Dreamlight Valley, has established that all players will receive 2,500 Moonstones on Monday in a tweet from the official Disney Dreamlight Valley Twitter account. The developers refer to this surprise as the payment of an “expression of appreciation” for those who have stuck with the game despite it having many technical problems. In Disney Dreamlight Valley, moonstones serve as the game’s currency, allowing players to access different resources. and outfits along the Star Path. Similar to Fortnite’s Battle Pass system, the Star path provides two levels of unlockable things that can be acquired by completing in-game tasks or paying real money.

It’s wonderful news for those who want to enhance their character or home with some new stuff that there was an unexpected bounty of Moonstones. Disney Dreamlight Valley users’ suggestions for personalization have already inspired some amazing fan creations in the game. Fans have taken inspiration from a variety of sources when it comes to personalizing their game, ranging from copying costumes from well-known TV series and movies to the player whose Disney Dreamlight Valley avatar Lady Cosplays Dimitrescu from Resident Evil Village.

Many players can immediately tell that Gameloft has the makings of a great game. continues to work out the bugs in Disney Dreamlight Valley during the game’s Early Access period. Disney Dreamlight Valley has the potential to be a real competitor to Animal Crossing if the developers keep up their recent pattern of listening to player comments, improving the game through iteration, and admitting their mistakes.

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