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Fans of Grand Theft Auto believe that Rockstar is subtly hinting at GTA 6

Official Grand Theft Auto 6 information is still hard to come by, but some fans think Rockstar is hinting at its latest game in recent posts.

Fans have hypothesized that a few recent tweets from Rockstar may have been Grand Theft Auto 6 teasers. Grand Theft Auto 6 has received relatively little official news, although fans are now aware that Rockstar is working on the game and giving it priority development. Numerous players had previously believed that Rockstar was working on Grand Theft Auto 6. Still, the studio only officially confirmed this early this year after ending the development of Red Dead Redemption 2 and GTA Online.

Fans have unofficially seen a tonne of gameplay videos from Grand Theft Auto 6’s early development build, which leaked a few months ago. Over 90 in-development films were posted, coming from a leaker on the GTA forums, showcasing the new environment for Grand Theft Auto 6, its female protagonist, and many other things. Rockstar has generally kept quiet about GTA 6 since that significant amount of gameplay from the game was leaked, except for stating the network intrusion it experienced.

Rockstar may be getting ready for a Grand Theft Auto 6 presentation. Rockstar tweeted a picture of a Comet S2 with a pink sunset in the background that was uploaded by a fan, as noticed by Reddit user timothybrooks7. Many followers of timothybrooks7’s Tweet expressed feelings in this way Rockstar was “teasing” them since they thought the palm palms in the image were a reference to Vice City, the scene of Grand Theft Auto 6, which would allegedly return.

As this is a Rockstar retweet rather than an official business post, it’s also possible that the developer was just highlighting a standout screenshot provided by a fan. But a lot of people think that the firm is gearing up for a Grand Theft Auto 6 reveal and that these graphics are only the start of it. Grand Theft Auto 6 could be shown sooner rather than later, even if Rockstar isn’t specifically teasing fans with this retweet.

GTA 3 and San Andreas both debuted in October, making it a significant month for the Grand Theft Auto series. It would also make sense to disclose the return of the location around October 29, which is the 20th anniversary of the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Rockstar has already dealt with information leaking before it intended to It seems the company won’t disclose anything, therefore until it’s ready.

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