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Everything we know regarding bamboo blocks as in Minecraft 1.20 update so far

The Minecraft 1.20 update was released on October 15 during Mojang’s live show, where new bamboo blocks have been introduced. As their development is complete, it was confirmed for the next update. Millions of players were thrilled to see yet another type of wood added to the game, which would be generated by a completely different plant.

Bamboo has been around for quite a long time and is used in a variety of applications. However, it is feasibly used to create these new blocks with the Minecraft 1.20 update. Mojang talked about the new blocks and the way they were conceptualized and created in their live show.

Minecraft 1.20 update: Varied bamboo block types

The developers introduced an innovative bamboo wood type during the 1.20 section to announce new features of the live show. These new blocks will be light yellowish in hue and will imitate tightly grouped stripped bamboo.

They drop into the wood types earlier noted by the developers. As a direct consequence, the Minecraft 1.20 update will also include bamboo blocks, fences, trapdoors, doors, slabs, and stairs.

Along with regular wood-type blocks, the set includes a new mosaic bamboo block. It will be adorned with horizontal and vertical bamboo designs, making it a great decorative building block. This substance is also employed. to make stairs and slabs.

Unfortunately, Mojang did not mention crafting recipes for these blocks. They will gradually reveal more information and details about themself.


The new bamboo block set, like with all wood block sets, would include a special type of boat that players can construct. These will be called ‘Inflatable kayaks,’ and they will take glance very different from regular boats.

For starters, there won’t there have been no side railings, letting the sitting area be completely flat. It is primarily made of long, stripped bamboo tied together. Raft oars also are distinguishable from regular boat oars.

Despite it having the same movement speeds and mechanics as a regular boat, the raft will look completely different. Players could also use a chest to start making a raft or place any entity in the back.

When will we allow to play with bamboo blocks?

Luckily, Mojang stated that a new Minecraft 1.20 update snapshot would be accessible in a short period. Players will be able to explore all of the new features, including bamboo blocks, quite easily.

They decreased the number of features showcased in the live show in particular to allow the players to explore them sooner. The hosts also trusted fans that new features would be created when they were ready and finished.

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