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Elden Ring player is duped by a floating dragon into falling to their death

A player of Elden Ring pursues a flying enemy dragon but meets an untimely end by plummeting to their death.

A video of an Elden Ring player tumbling to their early passing while battling a dragon was published on the internet. One of the most games available this year has been the RPG by FromSoftware, which came out in February. Elden Ring has already earned a Japan Game Award for Game of the Year, and more awards are likely to come his way.

Unlucky deaths are one thing Elden Ring is renowned for. Many gamers have lost their ones while fighting an attacker or after bringing a boss to the brink of death. These defeats can make players angry, but they can also be used as instructional exercises because they provide participants with the chance to correct their mistakes.

A video clip shared by a Reddit user going by the handle Sister-Friedes-Feet shows them fighting a dragon before meeting their demise. In the video, the antagonist can be seen attacking the player from the edge of a cliff. To get close enough to attack, the player rolls as they run toward the dragon. They slide off the cliff since, unfortunately, the dragon is floating just off the edge. As a result, the player meets an early demise. It is a horrible sight to behold and another awful conclusion for the actor portraying Elden Ring.

The post by Sister-Friedes-Feet has drawn some interest. Some individuals are sorry for the athlete, and one commenter said they would have acted in the same way. One player did mention that they felt something similar when combating a dragon that kept teleporting and defied the laws of physics. A user claimed that they had never come all over a bug like this in Elden Ring, while Sister-Friedes-Feet described it as the strangest thing they had ever seen in the game. It is an unusual glitch to experience and one that, regrettably, can result in player fatalities.

Sister-Friedes-Feet is not the only lady in Elden Ring to die a sad death. They suddenly pass away in footage that was published by a Reddit user by the name of Isaac Serdwicks. The player is battling the Flying Dragon Greyll on a bridge in the video. After taking down the enemy, Isaac Serdwick gets the chance to score a critical hit. The player tries to jump off of Torrent as they ride their horse to the dragon’s head to launch their attack. Isaac Serdwick attempts the jump but gains too much speed and flies off the side of the bridge, dying instantaneously. Isaac Serdwick and Sister-Friedes-Feet both saw possibilities, but both failed to take benefit of them.

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