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Elden Ring data miners explore crumbs of DLC evidence within the latest patch

There are also indications of Elden Ring’s long-awaited support for ray tracing.

Lance McDonald and Zullie the Witch, all prolific Souls series data miners, have shared evidence of potential new DLC areas and ray tracing support added behind the scenes with Elden Ring’s 1.07 update.

Zollie(opens in new tab) shared a screenshot of an Elden Ring level list that includes an entry for “m20 00 00 00:???.” As per Zollie, m10-19 imply the IDs of legacy dungeons including Stormveil Castle (m10 00 00 00) or underground areas including Siofra or Ainsel (which are all preceded by m12). This is not certain, Even so, the finding demonstrates that m20 is the identifier of a future DLC legacy dungeon.

Julie also did mention another strange entry, m45. This does not correspond to any map files currently in the game, leaving the signifier free to explain. My best guess is that it will serve as the ID for a new, separate overworld area that will house the DLC legacy dungeon (or dungeons, if FromSoftware has multiple expansions brewing). Alternatively, if m20, like the m12 underground ID, covers many areas, m45 could make sense as the ID for DLC side dungeons.

Lance McDonald(opens in new tab) shared ray tracing graphics settings and extracted menu text. The most interesting phrase is “Once ray tracing is activated, performance settings are stuck to prioritize quality. After returning to the title menu, the ray tracing setting will be applied.” The world-famous lighting innovation was always scheduled as a post-launch addition to Elden Ring, but there has not been whatever word since its release.

Personally, I’ve yet to play a game where I assumed ray tracing had been worth the performance hit, but with Elden Ring still capped at 60 fps and light enough. If FromSoft continues to enhance its megahit’s graphical options, I’m holding out hope this will go one step further and implement DLSS and FidelityFX support, while also boosting the framerate cap. Can’t a man get fantasies?

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