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Dragon Magic in Dragonflight Concept Art from World of Warcraft is Shared

Concept art from World of Warcraft demonstrates how the various forms of magic employed by the dragons in Dragonflight were created.

Some concept art for the different varieties of dragon magic in Dragonflight has been given access by World of Warcraft. Each image explains how the various aesthetics for each Dragonflight magic in the next World of Warcraft expansion were created.

The titans of World of Warcraft have assigned the dragons with the task of guarding Azeroth against danger. To assist them in protecting Azeroth’s life, nature, magic, land, and timelines, the five Dragonflight were each given a special kind of magic.

A recent World of Warcraft tweet offered a comprehensive analysis of the magic used by the Black, Blue, Green, and Red Dragonflight. For each significant feature of the magical manifestations, color swatches, basic designs, and specific features are present in each piece of concept art. Players were able to see how the designs were created behind the scenes thanks to the complex reference sheets, which provide artists with a general platform for the magical abilities of the dragonflight in World of Warcraft.

Interestingly, World of Warcraft chose not to display the concept image for the Bronze Dragonflight temporal magic. It made no mention of why the concept sheet was exempt. It’s likely that the sheet wasn’t prepared or that World of Warcraft sought to keep a story point or spoiler a secret. It’s also possible that Blizzard simply forgot to share it or had plans to do so.

Nevertheless, the in-depth study of Dragonflight’s magic captivated players. The magic of the Black Dragonflight in particular was fascinating because it was unique from what the players had previously experienced. Black dragon magic has a rich history of being unpredictable, and full of fire, and magma. It is appropriate that their magic is altering now that the World of Warcraft Black dragons has entered a fresh era with Wrathion and Sabellian.

However, a lot of people were captivated by the Titan Influence section’s uniformity in the World of Warcraft concept art. This portion remained the same despite the variations in the magic. The “Always 3” element about the spiraling energy present in each magical blast was very well received. Many people asked about the meaning of the number three to the dragons in World of Warcraft, wondering if it was just a design choice or if there was more to it. Fans who are intrigued can quickly find out for themselves because players will be able to witness the application of these magical ideas when they create their Dracthyr Evokers on November 15 and when Dragonflight launches a few weeks later.

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