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Despite HBO Max’s cancellation, Scoob! Holiday Haunt was successful

Scoob! Despite being canceled, Holiday Haunt was finished, and producer Tony Cervone shared a brand-new behind-the-scenes image with viewers.

Scoob! One of the movies that did not make it through the Warner Bros. Discovery merger was Holiday Haunt. The producer and co-writer gave a behind-the-scenes tease, but the movie is now reportedly finished but won’t be released.

Scoob! Holiday Haunt was canceled despite being almost finished as a result of the company’s decision to concentrate on theatrical productions. This change has had a significant impact on several business units, but the animation unit has been the hardest damaged. For instance, several cartoons were taken out of HBO Max’s streaming collection, and Final Space was canceled in a move that the show’s creator, Olan Rogers, attributed to a tax write-off.

Tony Cervone, the co-writer and producer of Scoob! Holiday Haunt, shared a touching Instagram post about the movie’s completion. Cervone signaled the end “bittersweet,” and added, “I sincerely hope you have the opportunity to see it in some way. It’s a solid choice.” In addition, Cervone thanked the actors, crew, and directors Bill Haller and Michael Kurinsky, as well as fellow co-writer Paul Dini. Cervone ended the post by saying, “It was a pleasure spending every minute with you.

The post by Cervone is not the first one regarding a project cancellation on social media. Ivory Aquino, the star of Batgirl, sent a thread to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav pleading with him to release the movie, but nothing has happened since she first posted the thread. Zaslav’s attention is now on theatrical releases, which may have been the final straw for Scoob! Holiday Haunt and Batgirl, both of which were slated for HBO Max exclusive.

This choice serves as a fantastic example of why Zaslav is unpopular among the creatives working at Warner Bros. (An unnamed Batgirl actor referred to the Warner Bros CEO as an idiot.). Cervone made his directorial debut with the first Scoob! He has a lengthy history of collaboration with Warner Bros. in the animation division. He seems upset at the cancellation of what was likely a passion project for him and the fact that he worked very hard on a project that will never be completed.

For a creative who has a history of working with Warner Bros. to get compensated in this way is a bad omen. It implies that going the future, the firm may not necessarily value the work of other creators, authors, and production teams. Nevertheless, Zaslav has made it plain that Warner Bros. Discovery is not up for sale, indicating that he would remain as CEO.

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