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cast members of TF2 were terrorizing American small towns in quest of sandwiches

These voice actors are having much fun shouting about sandwiches in public.

Remember when the world was young, Team Fortress 2 was pretty recent, and Valve was producing those Meet The Team character spotlight videos to promote the game? They’re back, however this go-round, the voice cast of the game seems to have taken it upon itself to engage in a sort of real-life guerilla marketing campaign, that has both confused observers, but I was quite happy.

The voice actors of characters from video games such as TF2’s Sniper, Heavy, Medic, Announcer, and many others explore America’s modest tiny towns in search of, well, sandwiches. When the game’s voice cast met in Seattle at the beginning of September for PAX West 2022, everything got started, and it just seems to have grown from there.

In a Twin Peaks-themed cafe in North Bend, Washington State, the cast has so far mystified deli workers, confused workers of convenience stores, and put at least one bystander into a laughing fit. . You have had to understand how happy every random spectator appears to be by a bunch of roving strangers screaming at one another about sandwiches in accents which no real person has ever had. Maybe that simply happens commonly in Washington. I haven’t been.

Liz McCarthy from Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me and Dennis Bateman, who portrays TF2’s Spy and Pyro, are presented in the latest previous episode, which has been published last Saturday. David Lynch making an unexpected cameo in one of these video content to announce the weather(opens in new tab)—would hardly be out of character. But, I have no idea if the Twin Peaks tie-ins are building to anything or if it’s just a brilliant, incomprehensible coincidence.

There is a tonne of these videos online, but I’ve included a few below that made me smile.

On Twitter, you can find them by Google searching the #TF2WTSFTS hashtag if you’re desperate for more. I’m hoping it just gets rolled into the series that keeps going anytime two or more of the performers are still together. It seems like anyone may stop enjoying themselves.

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