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Bug in Genshin Impact Keqing Constellation 2

After numerous rounds of trial and error, Genshin Impact players find Keqing’s Constellation 2 Electro ability is broken.

Players of Genshin Impact are reporting a problem that interferes with Keqing’s Constellation 2 ability, which has angered the community. Genshin Impact’s gameplay revolves around character-driven action, but owing to the continuing glitch, Keqing users are unable to fully utilize the character’s skills.

Keqing’s Constellation 2 ability in Genshin Impact has allegedly been bugged for a very long time, claims a Reddit user. Keqing has a 50% chance to produce an elemental particle with this ability after inflicting regular and charged damage to foes with the electro element. The ability’s five-second clock appears to only function once, although the first Elemental Particle functions as intended. The Elemental Particle only spawns once if players repeatedly hit an adversary afflicted by Electro, preventing the creation of a second particle during the same set of attacks. Keqing’s Elemental Particle won’t appear until the player stops attacking for five seconds, even after five seconds have passed.

The user shared camera footage of the Keqing Constellation 2 glitch to HoYoverse in a support ticket this past August. Kimori was given an apology from HoYoverse for the trouble the Keqing bug had caused, and the user’s patch proposal was forwarded to the development team. The problem patch was not, however, included in the list of Genshin Impact’s known bugs. HoYoverse found Keqing’s Constellation 2 ability was really working as expected after sending a second support ticket. Despite HoYoverse’s claims that the skill was in good working order, Keqing is still unable to create a second elemental particle five seconds after she first started attacking an opponent.

Kimori created a third support ticket for the persistent Keqing Constellation 2 problem. In the third support case, the user attempted to employ Keqing to create a second elemental particle more than 50 times after the cooldown period. Keqing’s trial-and-error develop an efficient to have uncovered that it was nearly hard to create the second Elemental Particle until the character completely stops assaulting to let the five-second cooldown expire. Kimori’s response to HoYoverse was that the Keqing’s abilities had been confirmed to function as intended. Players believe that either Keqing’s ability description is inaccurate in Genshin Impact’s international release, or the skill as a whole is broken.

The insufficient explanation for how Keqing’s Constellation 2 ability is supposed to function has upset Genshin Impact gamers. Keqing can only make one Elemental Particle at a time during continuous combat, despite the in-game description suggesting that it is a recurrent effect with a five-second cooldown. Genshin Impact’s Nilou is struggling from a separate issue, therefore HoYoverse needs to make improvements in a number of distinct game mechanics.

HoYoverse needs to take players high-minded and enhance combat for all characters in Genshin Impact. Despite the popularity of Genshin Impact around the world, if bugs are not fixed, the perception of HoYoverse may suffer. HoYoverse must take these proposals carefully because the absence of endgame content in Genshin Impact has already irritated the community.

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