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Bethesda fixes Skryim’s creepy movable torsos, but still, the modder rapidly erases them.

Bethesda foolishly patched out the weird mishap that made mannequins keep staring at you, but there’s a fix for that fix.

As a Dragonborn in Skyrim, you loaded more suits of armor than you can wear in a single lifetime, and there comes a time when there’s no reason to sell them since you have more coins than Scrooge McDuck. Mannequins are wooden statues that live in your various homes and may be dolled up in your extra outfits and armor sets. After all, there’s no point in killing all those brave heroes and trying to strip them naked if you can’t show off your loot.

Even so, Skyrim’s mannequins may be a little super buggy. In the past, players have reported that armor placed on mannequins mysteriously disappeared or was duplicated. The wooden statues will occasionally glide above the ground. Certain items aren’t properly displayed on them, and some helmets can cause a mannequin’s head to disappear entirely when equipped. That type of thing.

Mannequins, on the contrary hand, will every now and then move. Imagine you’re playing Skyrim late at night and you’re walking around your house in Honeyside or Proudspire so when mannequin in the corner turns and stares at you. It’s absolutely frightening. And it was not always just an eerie head-turn, but a filled idle animation on your lifeless made from wood armor display unit. This footage captures how disturbing it is.

Bugs in Bethesda games are obviously nothing new, nor is the fact that Bethesda commonly keeps failing to fix them. And sometimes these bugs are so strange or silly that players end up enjoying them as just another humourous quirk in the open-world RPG.

So when Bethesda abruptly tries to fix a 10 bug, as they recently did with moving mannequins, it almost feels like the removal of a beloved feature rather than a patch for an irritation.

We have modders for that, and besides. They not only fix bugs that Bethesda does not, but they also unfix bugs that Bethesda does. A modder has unfixed Bethesda’s fix, or, as I prefer to refer to it, corrected Bethesda’s correction. The Mannequins Move mod from Nexus Mods restores the creepy ability of the wooden statues to move, enabling you to enjoy puttering around your Skyrim home and suddenly having your heart leap into your throat because your dress-up doll turned to look at you.

“Mannequins should no longer be motionless,” based on the mod’s page. After reading that a couple of times to make absolutely sure I understood it properly, I can safely say that everything is returning to normal in Skyrim.

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