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Before you wreck everyone else, the Cyberpunk 2077 insurance mod wants you to check yourself.

It makes sense that in the dystopian future, automobile insurance companies will automatically fine you.

Driving recklessly is a tradition in open-world games. Leaving a path of smashed cars, dead pedestrians, and downed lampposts in your wake is a fact of life, whether you’re racing off on a world-saving quest or actually driving to the store to buy a new pair of athletic shoes. Meanwhile, the wreckage has indeed been neatly cleaned up, ensuring that there will be no evidence of your careless destruction the next time you roar past that same street corner.

It’s not really fair to those whose cars you sideswipe, ding, scratch, smash, or destroy, but just a mod has come along to assist balance the scales a little.

The Drive Carefully mod(opens in new tab) for Cyberpunk 2077, found by PCGamesN(opens in new tab), adds a new unseen entity to Night City: the NCID, or Night City Insurance Department. If your strike, bang, smoosh or scratch another car while driving, you’ll have to pay a fine.

The NCID is as invasive as the mantis blades you had also tucked inside your forearms. Your bank account has indeed been linked to the department’s unblinking electronic eye, and you and the complete enumeration of Night City have been enrolled in the insurance plan. If you hit another vehicle while driving at incredible velocities, you will be fined and the money will be deducted from your wallet instantly.

It is also not a simple fine. Fees have been determined by calculating on a sliding scale, with a head-on collision costing more than a slight nudge of someone’s rear bumper. Insurance fees are typically not really too drastic, with fines for minor accidents typically bringing the total less than 100 eddies, though if you really want to punish yourself (or be far more realistic about insurance companies), you can increase the amount each collision will cost you in the mod’s config file.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem so that the mod needs to compensate you if an NPC hits your car, but let’s face it, you’re probably the leading cause of accidents in Night City. Will you please slow down, drive safely, and obey the rules of the road? The Drive Carefully mod can be discovered at Nexus Mods (opens in a new tab). It requires another mod, Redscript(opens in a new tab), to work.

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