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Bastion and Torbjörn seem to be absent from Overwatch 2

A glitch in their ultimate skills has resulted in some hilariously unfair fights.

Two Overwatch 2 heroes have been taken out of the game while also Blizzard works to help solve some significant bugs. Bastion and Torbjörn are both “taking a quick trip to the workshop,” with Bastion suspended from all modes and Torbjörn lacking all but quick play.

Bastion’s emergency holiday is for obvious reasons: the charismatic robot was able to call down an incredible number of artillery strikes, or “as many [artillery strikes] as you can click for in the limited time window that Bastion’s new highest form allows,” in Jon’s words. Are you having much fun? Definitely. Fair? Unfortunately, no. There’s some executable footage here that is worth a look.

Given the severity of the bug, it makes sense that Bastion has been eliminated from the game entirely. Torbjörn’s Overload ability apparently has a twice duration if the button press is timed properly, enabling someone to run faster, take more damage, and deal more damage for a significantly longer amount of time. Given that he’ll remain in Quick Play, it must be a rarely utilized exploit.

There’s no indication as to how long people would’ve been stuck. Maybe by the moment they come back, new players will have learned how to achieve the objective.

These are small problems in contrast to the launch problems that Overwatch 2 experienced, such as long matchmaking queues and an ‘auto-purchase‘ glitch. Some players are understandably annoyed by the necessity to connect a phone number to their account, which really is especially troublesome if you use a pre-paid phone. Modern Warfare 2 will also have this function.

Still, it’s early on in the game, and what’s a live service game without a plethora of teething problems? Tyler’s proposal review expresses mixed emotions.

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