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Amouranth, a Twitch streamer who’d been charged with domestic abuse while it was occurring, is “seeking legal and emotional counsel”

Amouranth says she now has access to her finances and social media account in her first stream since charging her husband with domestic abuse.

Streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa claimed she has regained control of her funds and social media accounts and is now “free” two days after revealing her wedding and accusing her husband of domestic abuse.

The best Twitch streamer, Siragusa, stated during an early-morning life on October 16 that her husband had been in control of her finances, forced her to spend hours broadcasting in the hot tub category of Twitch, and even threatened to kill her dogs. She unmuted her microphone during a call with her husband at one point during the live, in which he attacked her, labeled her a liar, and asked that she leave the house. In her most recent stream, she expressed regret for doing so and that it was painful to watch.

He was going to tweet shit live, so I wanted to beat him to the punch, but I’m sorry if my earlier abuse upset anybody. “I didn’t know what else to do,” Siragusa said.

As I suggested previously, he refused to listen to the tapes when I originally produced him, so that was the first time he had ever heard himself on one. I think it hit him how much of an asshole he is when he heard himself on that call. It appears that he was oblivious. Idiot.”

In addition to “seeking legal and emotional counsel,” Siragusa said she now had access to her finances and social media accounts. She stated that her husband is “getting therapy.”

Siragusa also expressed surprise at the amount of help she has gotten, even from people who would usually be her detractors. “There is a heck of a lot of messages. It’s a little crazy, “She said.”I used to feel so isolated, but now I feel the need to communicate with everyone. It’s just a very drastic difference, but not in a negative way. I didn’t believe that many individuals gave a damn.

Concerning what would happen next, Siragusa voiced her hope for the future and thankfulness for still being “free [and] alive.”

I’m clear about what I’m going to do next, she confessed. This will likely require some time. I don’t know if or when I’ll restart to full-time hours. I think I will take it easy again for time being, at least. And I’m not required to show my cleavage every day! I am free to dress.”

Later in the stream, she said, “I honestly have no idea what’s going to happen,” implying yet again that her husband was in control of her on-screen attire. I just hope people keep watching even with less titty showing.

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