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A Task Manager in Windows 11 will soon allow you to generate real-time kernel dumps.

With a few clicks, you can start creating a kernel dump without the need to restart your pc.

Microsoft is improving Windows 11 with new updates. The company has now changed Task Manager by adding the ability to create a kernel dump in real time.

A New Task Manager Alternative in Windows 11

Neowin had been able to catch a Twitter post highlighting the new feature. Rafael Rivera, a Twitter user, discovered a new kernel dump feature in Windows Insider Build 25188’s Task Manager.

Kernel dumps are useful because they allow you to see what is going on in your RAM. This can be immensely beneficial when diagnosing computer issues such as freeze and Blue Screens of Death.

While Windows can create a kernel dump after just a crash, this new feature allows you to do so in real-time without restarting the pc.

This makes tinkering much simple and faster; clearly right in Task Manager and select the option to generate a dump, and you’re good to go.

Of course, the — which explains far more than just kernel dumps. There are new animated Settings icons in the mix, and there are signs that Microsoft includes the Secure Boot driver in this update.

Windows 11 used to have a strong showing.

Making a diagnosis of computer issues just got a whole lot simple with this new kernel dump feature.

It’s also like Microsoft is bringing out the big guns for Windows 11. Users and companies alike have resolved into Windows 10, and trying to convince them to ab grade is getting difficult.

Microsoft’s newest operating system got off to a bad start, with the minimum system requirements causing a stir even before it was published. As a direct consequence, features like this one out to convince voters that the grade is meaningful.

Without Any need to Fret About Your Kernel at all Older

This new feature makes diagnosing Windows 11 issues far easier. Hopefully, the feature will make a thorough Insider build and into the pcs world soon.

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