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A Resident Evil 4 fan highlights an amusing Leon detail

A Resident Evil 4 fan brings out a wonderfully intriguing fact about Leon from the game’s early chapters that can make gamers wonder about him.

A humorous Leon detail was brought to light by a Resident Evil 4 enthusiast. Even after all these years, there is still a lot to learn about Resident Evil 4, the video game that changed the survival horror subgenre, particularly regarding its lead character.

Resident Evil 4 and the remake appear to maintain the essence of the original game, although there are significant variations between them based on the gameplay and footage so far. Some fans have been closely monitoring certain details because it appears from the teaser that Resident Evil 4′s opening will be a little different from the first game’s. An amusingly intriguing fact about Leon from the early parts of the game shown in the teaser is brought up by one fan.

When Leon first encounters the villager at their home. home in the first chapter of the original game, Kingofdunsparce posted a video on Using TikTok, a fascinating detail about Leon was revealed. The villager dislikes Leon’s interference when he asks about Ashley, the President’s daughter, and her location of her. According to Kingofdunsparce, the cutscene implies that Leon does not speak Spanish because he chooses not to respond and turns his back to leave even if the villager threatens Leon in their language. Leon feels compelled to kill the villager who has the Las Plagas infection when they attack. Leon is later shown interpreting documents that are written in Spanish, demonstrating that he speaks the native tongue, making the event described above at the beginning confusing.

Players may wonder about Leon’s strategy in light of this information because breaking into a stranger’s home in another country to obtain information might not have been the wisest course of action. Despite the presentational discrepancy, there might be other implied reasons why Leon decided against speaking to the peasant even though he knew Spanish. It can also be inferred that Leon was able to completely comprehend the villager’s threat and that it was sufficient for Leon to go without saying anything else based on how he backed away from the man. Since Leon is still sporting the stylish jacket from Resident Evil 4 that made him famous in the remake, players may at least not criticize his choice of clothing.

This intriguing fact seems to beg concerns about Leon, and the Resident Evil 4 remake may address these issues. However, this particular villager and other RE4 foes have improved designs in the remake, thus the context around specific events, like this one, may also change.

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