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A release date, features, and other details again for Minecraft x Gotham Knights DLC have already been announced

During the Minecraft Live event, Jim Lee, Publisher and Chief Creative Officer at DC Comics announced the looking forward to receiving Gotham Knights DLC for Minecraft, which will showcase a Justice league world with the comic strip supervillains.

The trailer was shown during Minecraft Live event on October 15, and gamers had been told they would be able to play as Batman. As the masked vigilante, they’ll face Harley Quinn, The Penguin, and many others, with the Joker as the final boss, all while unraveling “Joker’s nefarious plot.” The best part is that DLC would be accessible in a matter of days.

A Gotham Knights DLC will allow the players to fight enemies who are using Batman’s gadgets.


The official poster and trailer for the DLC contain a lot of information. Some of the confirmed villains in the Gotham Knights DLC include Mr.Freeze, Firefly, Clayface, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Madhatter, Harley Quinn, The Penguin, and The Joker one of the protagonists.

The superheroes will be Batman, Batgirl, Robin, and Nightwing, who’ll be divided against a slew of supervillains. Arkham Asylum will also be part of the Minecraft World of Gotham City, where a boss fight could take place.

Gamers will assume the role of Batman and will be able to use all of his available systems, in relation to such Batmobile. Players will also be free to explore the entire Batcave. They can use Batman’s technology to fight the supervillains in this secret place.

Even though Gotham’s police department is also a part of the world, Jim Gordon’s inclusion is overwhelmingly probable, as the Bat-signal was also seen in the trailer. As a part of the plot, the commissioner could also aid the vigilante in gathering information about villains.

Moreover, to defeat the villain, players should solve Riddler’s puzzles. These puzzles will be proffered in an unorthodox manner, with players having to jump through deadly caves and solve them through mini-games.

The main villain of the Gotham Knights DLC is the Joker, whom in need gamers will be confronted after defeating the other Gotham City villains.

Minecraft is giving away a free Batman as a hero of celebration of the new DLC, all of which players can claim from the dressing room right now.

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