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A new Silent Hill game had also recently risen on a Korean dating site.

The Silent Hill rumor mill rotates once again, this moment with the first appearance of an altogether fresh title.

After months of speculation, leaks, and overall puzzlement, the future of the Silent Hill(opens in new tab) series has become even bewildering thanks to Silent Hill: The Short Message.

The rating has since been removed, but Gematsu(opens in new tab) noted that the project’s publisher was listed as Uniana, the publisher of numerous other Konami games in Korea. However, there wasn’t any mention of platforms in the rating.

What makes the rating noteworthy is that it is the latest in a long and, frankly, puzzling sequence of Silent Hill rumors and leaks that has yet to produce any results. A rumor of two new Silent Hill games first surfaced in January 2020(opens in new tab), but Konami shot it down a few months later(opens in new tab); fans then convinced themselves that the Silent Hill-like horror game Abandoned was in fact a new Silent Hill(opens in new tab), despite developer Blue Box Studios’ vehement denial.

It was reported recently that Layers of Fear development company Bloober Team had joined forces with Konami to remake Silent Hill 2. (opens in new tab). Guillermo Del Toro managed to slip in a good zing(opens in new tab) at the 2021 Game Awards amidst all of that.

Despite the lack of credible proof, the rumor’s persistence makes it seem reasonable that something is in appears to work, and the obvious demand for a new Silent Hill makes it seem inevitable. Prior to this rating, this is also the first time the name “The Short Message” appeared online. For the period human, Silent Hill: The Short Message is really not mentioned on other rating websites, such as the ESRB, PEGI, or the Australian Classification Board, therefore we’ll have to wait and see what happens next—in the hopes of fast-tracking things, I’ve reached out to Konami for comment and will update if I receive a reply.

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