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A new Dead Space remake trailer would be released very soon.

Fans of the Dead Space Remake who were hoping to see some gameplay are in luck, as a new trailer has indeed been confirmed to be on the manner.

Fans of a Dead Space remake have not yet seen a lot of the combat yet, but that will change on October 4 when a new trailer is published. According to the trailer’s teaser, the main focus will be on the gameplay of the Dead Space remake.

Notwithstanding the discharge of some breathtaking Dead Space remake screenshots, players have yet to see polished gameplay from the EA Motive project. Early behind-the-scenes filming disclosed the changes being made to Isaac as well as the updated dismemberment system that will be part of the remake, and fans even got an early look at Isaac walking around the Ishimura. However, all of these streams featured initial design content, so it will be intriguing to see what the final game appears to look like in next week’s trailer.

There’ll be no loading screens in the Dead Space remake.

The teaser for the upcoming Dead Space remake gameplay trailer took some searching due to a brief ARG that required some investigative work from gamers. As per MP1st, the teasers began with a Tweet from the official Motive account, which Twitter users discovered later was a QR code. After it was scanned, players were aimed to the bench, an obscure Instagram account patterned after the USG Ishimura’s communications department.

12 different images, each able to represent a different node, were posted to the bench’s page. The first node has already been unlocked and serves as a story on the profile of the Instagram page. The gameplay video begins after a brief video that shows an inventory with 12 slots, suggesting that gamers can unlock 11 more “items” in the roll to the game’s release in 2023. Though it is unclear how the other nodes will be discussed, this viral campaign is a fun way to create hype in the Dead Space community.

The teaser video for this upcoming trailer has indeed been uploaded to MP1st’s official YouTube channel, though there’s not much to view. A terrifying Necromorph can be seen lurking in a hallway, and Isaac is shown walking through the door, with the engineer readying his plasma cutter in the final shot. The release date for the gameplay trailer is then disclosed as October 4, letting fans know that they are just a few days away from seeing the remake in action.

Things are looking up for the Dead Space franchise, with promising comments from EA Motive about the remake recently shared, and confirmation that there will be no loading screens. Hopefully, the gameplay trailer and the rest of the marketing campaign are equally enjoyable as first this QR code hunt.

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