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A MultiVersus player came up with the funniest idea for a different Black Adam skin

If the iconic Black Adam skin is included in the game, MultiVersus Players seem pushed to pay Gleamium for it.

Though Black Adam hasn’t yet been seen in MultiVersus, players have been speculating about the game character. The idea of an alternative skin was pretty amusing. recently shared with MultiVersus fans. Fans of MultiVersus, Black Adam, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson who want to see it happen came together over the post.

A free-to-play crossover fighting game called Multi Versus parts, among others things, characters from Warner Bros., Cartoon Network, and DC Comics. Developer Player First Games announced back in August that Black Adam would appear in MultiVersus Season 1. There haven’t been any recent innovations on the character’s release though, or hints about his video game presence.

Black Adam hasn’t yet been released, thus the potential skin line is still unclear. As a prank, Redditor The Real CowboyLebron “leaked” The Rock’s well-known turtleneck outfit as Black Adam’s launch skin. The old photo of the actor and former wrestler, which portrays him in the 1990s wearing a black turtleneck tucked in pants and adorned with a gold chain around his neck and a fanny pack, was released in 2014. Since then, it has gained popularity on the internet thanks to memes and also individuals started imitating the style for costume parties. Even Sonic’s voice actor, Ben Schwartz, said he wanted Sonic for the time it necessitates for the image to look like The Rock.

Although this Reddit post was meant to be humorous, it looks like gamers are enthused about the concept of preserving The Rock’s appearance in the game. Some people are stating that they might be willing to spend Gleamium on this legendary skin. Some believe the alternative Black Adam skin will resemble the bald character. by The Rock in the movie. However, given that MultiVersus is notorious for releasing original skins across their roster, such as the most recent MultiVersus Halloween skins, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to players if Player First Games offers a variety of Black Adam skins as well.

multiverse has been introducing new characters in almost every patch, notably if it’s tied to a specific incident, according to recent updates. Stripe from Gremlins was made accessible as part of the Halloween update for Patch 1.04. Some predict that Black Adam might be coming soon to coincide with the release of the Black Adam movie.

Players are carefully following the release of the following patch update, although Player First Games has not yet had any confirmation. They can see Black Adam on the big screen for the time being to see how the new comic-to-film superhero fits in the DCEU.

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