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A God of War Ragnarok fan creates a humorous dream scene to honor the game’s positive reviews

In PlayStation’s creative video game Dreams, a clever God of War Ragnarok fan creates a humorous scene to celebrate the positive reviews.

Making a humorous short in Dreams, an excited fan honors the 10/10 reviews that God of War: Ragnarok has been receiving from media outlets and content producers that have played early copies of the game. God of War: Ragnarok, Santa Monica Studios’ follow-up to its wildly successful revival of the brand in 2018, is receiving acclaim online and is eagerly anticipated by gamers.

The reviews for God of War: Ragnarok is outstanding and, at least on Metacritic, they closely resemble those for God of War 2018. God of War: Ragnarok is earning 10/10 reviews over a variety of websites and content creation channels, and critics are praising the game as a masterpiece. One Dreams player decided to thank you for these perfect scores.

Redditor Martin Nebelong created a humorous short clip of Kratos and Atreus dancing to EDM as a series of 10s fall on them from the heavens to celebrate the 10/10 reviews. Kratos and Atreus appear to be heartily enjoying the plaudits and honors being showered upon them in this footage from Dreams, which Martin developed. In the video, the father and son even have a brief chat during which Kratos refers to Atreus as his “son,” after which they resume their revelry. This film aims to increase fans’ anticipation for God of War: Ragnarok by building on the buzz created by the game’s star-studded live-action trailer.

Reviewers have been quick to compliment God of War: Ragnarok’s plot, gameplay, boss fights, and many other aspects of the game. All around the internet, reviewers and content producers are working diligently to provide as much stuff about the game without giving away any of the plots, but they all concur that players are not prepared for what is to come. As a result, both fans and critics will probably have favorable opinions of the game.

Martin’s video of Kratos and Atreus enjoying God of War: Ragnarok’s positive reviews while dancing is a perfect representation of how the game’s fans feel about it and how eager they are to play it. Players are getting their consoles set up and prepared to begin playing as soon as the play window opens since God of War: Ragnarok is currently available for pre-load, and they don’t want to waste any time before entering the 9 realms from Norse mythology.

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