35 Blogging Topics That Would Almost Certainly Be Popular


Blogging for a singular purpose increases market share, consumer engagement, revenue growth, and ROI. You want to do it. Take a look at this:
Yet, once they start writing, a lot of the people I know get stuck on the fundamental question: What do we blog about?

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Here is a list of 35 different types of articles, topics, and approaches that have proven to be highly successful for bloggers in the past and will continue to do so in the future.

1. How-To Books

In general, folks hate reading instruction manuals. When was the last time you snuggled with a bottle of wine and your toaster’s instruction manual? How do learners understand how to do things? They look it up. WikiHow grew in popularity based solely on how-to articles. You might be surprised about what people are Googling. You can’t help but create a popular blog if you can find your specialized audience, cater to their curiosities, and offer them some helpful answers.

2. Politics

Every election year, politics is popular. Find a political topic to discuss, whether national or local and join the conversation. Politics, on the other hand, hand, can be dicey. People tend to get quite polarized when debating politics, so be ready to deal with some controversy.

3. Bacon

Everyone enjoys bacon. The Huffington Post is one of the most popular sites on the internet, and it includes a large variety of bacon articles.

4. Recipes

Recipes are a great way to attract more of your website’s traffic. There is always a new diet fad, for instance, today’s Whole30 is yesterday’s Atkins, so there are always new recipes to attempt.

5. Guides for beginners

Begin with 101 beginner guides before attempting to convince someone that you comprehend concepts. My beginner guides have proved to be extremely popular.
Everybody must start somewhere. Beginner guides are often used by bloggers to get organic search traffic at the start, and they can even be done using infographics, like this Sharepoint guide.

6. Ultimate manuals

Subject matter experts, on the other hand, are always on the lookout for the most credible ultimate guides in their areas of expertise. The term “ultimate guide” is, however, overused. If you’d like, you may employ additional terms, such as these from Business Casual Copywriting:

  • This same Essential Guide
  • Complete Directions
  • Uncensored Guide
  • Only One Guide to _ You’ll Ever Need

When writing an informative guide, employ statistics to back it up. Use only reputable sources and give them credit for the information. Incorporating data in your guides shows your readers how your content is trustworthy. You didn’t just come up with concepts out of thin air. You spent some time studying and then developing views based on your findings. This is a strategy I often employ. Before I take a position or offer advice, I seek for data to back up my beliefs. Consider highlighting your case studies in a blog post if you want to do unique research. This can help you get traffic from organic searches as well as backlinks whenever another site mentions your study. If you’re an expert on everything, creating an ultimate guide is a great way to perform some popular blogging.

7. Frequently Asked Questions

Be careful that addressing frequently asked questions online would not stop people from asking them in the hereafter. They do, however, serve as a resource for people and are often featured on e-commerce websites—but are often disregarded on blogs. At any age, FAQs are blogging gold. As part of its Knowledge Graph, Google’s algorithm combines FAQs, questions, and other popular topics. If you’re lucky, you might get the top spot in this desired location.

8. Interviews

The best way to differentiate yourself from the masses of bloggers is to hear from industry experts. Set up interviews on websites like with people on your team or from other companies in the industry to gain valuable knowledge from a professional. You don’t have to be in the same room as your interviewee to talk with them. Compile a list of questions that your intended audience would be interested in and deliver it to them via email instead. You might also use Twitter or another social media site to post your questions.

9. Personal bills

Personal stories may not be the keyphrase anchor pieces you’re searching for, and they’re still vital additions to any blog. Sharing personal stories allows the readers to engage with your business on a deeper personal level, which helps in brand affinity. It requires practice to learn how to tell a story. The quality of your blog posts will improve once you master this skill. A great story will keep your readers wondering until the conclusion. You should understand why storytelling impacts our brains:
Dopamine is released from readers’ brains when they experience an emotive response to your tale. Make use of this information. The best stories are designed to elicit an emotion, whatever that emotion may be. It is completely up to you to arrive at your choice. Maybe you want your readers to feel sad or angry as they read your posts. Some of you may wish to evoke emotions of joy, surprise, or affection. If you can make your readers feel anything, they will be more inclined to continue reading your blog. As a result, they’ll come to read more soon. Depending on the subject matter of your tale, this could also generate traffic solely on the basis of curiosity. As just an example,

If I saw a blog post titled “How I Caught a Shark With a Pair of Jeans,” I’d be compelled to click on it to find out what happened.

10. Helping and activism

You should blog about any charitable actions, events, or activism that you support. Crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter, IndieGoGo, GoFundMe, and others appeal to the good in people, and showing your engagement in these communities can assist you in expanding your readership. Even one petition can improve the brand’s image.

11. Product reviews

Another great way to drive traffic to your blog is to review products and services. Product reviews are not only a trusted online resource that will generate visitors, but they are also a source of revenue for bloggers. This is a wise idea if you want to monetize your site right away. You can monetize a blog almost entirely on product reviews by linking to product pages via affiliate links including such Amazon Affiliates. Make sure you choose one niche since it provides the greatest platform for credibility and expertise. Here’s an example of a recent TechRadar blog post that reviews multiple products in the same post:

12. Developments

Use your blog to discuss current affairs. Don’t get me wrong: I’m not advocating should you compete with established news outlets. You can, though, write about recent events. Being the first to break a story isn’t always beneficial. It’s sometimes best to hold off on releasing content until all the facts are known. You don’t want to be recognized for posting incorrect information. Here’s an example of a news piece from the TechCrunch blog:

13. Myth-debunking

Facts and fiction coexist in every industry, which is why shows like Mythbusters are so popular. We like learning what we’ve been doing or thinking wrong all along, so famous blogs debunk myths. What are a few of the most common misconceptions or fallacies about your industry or niche? Create a list, and then employ it to create an engaging piece for your audience. And make sure you back up your claims. Readers will lose interest if they realize they’re reading the ranting of someone who has no idea what they are talking about. Approach the development of such an article with the goal of providing as much valuable and relevant information as possible.

14. Automation

Automation is the buzzword of the day in B2B businesses, so any blogs on how to automate anything are Internet gold. Of course, the concept of automation is broad. To drive truly valuable traffic, you’ll need to choose a type of automation.

15. Troubleshooting guides

I’m always looking for reliable troubleshooting assistance. Troubleshooting guides address the pain that so many content seekers seek to relieve. They want to resolve a problem as well as a great troubleshooting guide will assist them in achieving just that.

16. Contests

Holding a contest is a great way to spur interest in a blog while rewarding readers. Contests used to have a bad rap for being sleazy or cheap, and they’re regaining popularity as a valuable traffic-driving tactic.

17. Advice

Both Lifehacker and Lifehacker rose to prominence by forms of content with helpful info on a wide range of subjects. Life guidance, regardless of the subject, is a precious resource.

18. Ideas on Productivity

People want to get more done faster and are always looking for tools, technology, or tips to help them do so. Many online blogs heavily rely on productivity tips. You’d be fascinated if I told you I could make your days longer to enable you to finish more work, make more calls, and so on. You would, of course. The clock is ticking. It stands to sense that we are attracted to content that focuses on acquiring more time. Include intriguing productivity tips in your upcoming blog posts, whether it’s showing how your product or service enhances productivity or sharing which productivity tips and tricks work for you. You’ve probably seen this work if you read Michael Hyatt’s blog. Michael Hyatt is a leadership development expert, but he also usually writes about productivity.

19. Travel

Travel will always be a popular topic for online searches, no matter how connected we get. With 126 million passports in circulation in the USA today, you know people are traveling—or want to travel somewhere exotic and new. Any ideas on how to do it on the cheap are always appreciated. Start by thinking about what you would want to read. You can write about physical locations which your audience might search for, including Jamaica, depending on the season. Take advantage if you are a company that has this information on Jamaica on your blog. Take control so that your blog becomes a popular destination. What kind of blogs would benefit from travel-related subject matter? Establishing a connection might not be that tough. Take, for example, ToDoIst. They offer a productivity app for purchase. They do, though, blog about travel:

20. History

History lessons are an effective model to fill a blog with useful content. Long-term bloggers often get interested in current events, so occasional forays into the past aid in the creation of consistent content.

21. Memes and gifs

Buzzfeed’s success was driven by more than just listicles. Memes and gifs are also prevalent on the site. Gifs mimic the experience of watching a film and usually provide a great deal of enjoyment.

22. Stories that really are funny

Humor will always have a place in this world. People share posts that make people laugh on social networks. There’s a reason Buzzfeed, The Onion, Clickhole, and BoredPanda are among the most popular websites on the web.

23. Parenting tips

There will always be parents around, and any parenting advice is welcomed. Blogging parents hold conferences and conventions around the country, encouraging everyone else to follow in their footsteps and build a sustainable industry. Dad bloggers are also turning into well enough and respected sources of information.

24. upcoming the

The buzz in the blogosphere always signals when an event is coming. Events comprise many of the most popular online searches, whether they’re global events like the Olympics or local events like a concert or book reading.

25. Internet superstars

Since working with and featuring the biggest Internet stars helps grow your following, many content creators are joining up to stay competitive. If you don’t know who PewDiePie and The Fine Bros are, you should conduct some study.

26. Assist using tech

Companies that would provide technology services, hardware, or software will frequently include technical support on their blogs. Microsoft, Google, and Facebook everybody has extensive online knowledge bases that are rapidly expanding.

27. Gift ideas

Right now, blogs across the Internet are putting out Christmas present guides to help consumers choose what to buy their colleagues, friends, and family for the holidays. Affiliate links can help these fundamental articles generate revenue.

28. Best-ofs

The best _ of 2019, the 2000s, this century, and all time are all worth a read. The top ten lists have allowed WatchMojo to grow into an entire business, and many others are following suit. Including best-of lists for everything in your industry is a great way to spark people’s attention.

29. Respond to reader comments

People have always sought advice from publications, whether from old-school advice columnists such as Ann Landers or new-school ones such as Dan Savage. Responding to readers shows you as a real person having a real conversation and allows you to address specific concerns to show your concern.

30. Lists

Another common type of blog post is a list. I keep making lists. In fact, you’re reading one of my lists right now. One of the advantages of list posts is that your readers know what to expect. They can scroll through the list without having to read everything all way through. Readers prefer content that really is simple and very well. Modify the formula for generating list post titles. Here are some examples to illustrate what I imply:

  • 21 Various Ways to Cook Chicken
  • the Top 6 Bicycle Tire Types
  • These 13 Tips will assist You Travel on a Budget

The list goes on forever, pun intended. But you get the concept. Changing the position of the number within the title of your list maintains your content relevant. If someone looks through your blog and sees that each title starts with a number, they may be turned off reading it. Alter the numbers as well. While the top ten lists are popular, they are frequently boring. Before you begin writing, investigate the topic. Keep the list longer than the other lists in the search query. This will set you ahead of your competitors.

31. Infographics

As I stated previously, you should include visual content in your blog posts. Nevertheless, you can take this strategy to a stage by further publishing blog posts that are almost led by infographics. You very probably have a plethora of information and statistics about your niche and industry at your disposal. Mix relevant ones to create an eye-catching infographic to share on your blog. Other websites are constantly on the lookout for information that will help them better their blog posts. If you can design infographics that are relevant, accurate, and visually appealing, These sites will integrate them into their blogs. As a reward, you’ll be given more credit for the image’s source. People who see your infographics on other sites may be tempted to visit your website by clicking on the link. Furthermore, as previously stated, these links will improve your SEO ranking. Hire someone to build it for you if necessary. Include it in a new blog post, and then provide commentary on the figures and facts in the post’s body. Encourage others to share by providing an easy link that they can follow.

32. Fitness

Face it, there are a large number of people (like myself) who would love to wake up with six-pack abs. That’s why there’s always something novel to aid you in reaching there. As long as science finds new things, there will be breakthroughs to talk content for shareable blog posts! Blog posts on fitness have always been one of the most popular types of material on the internet. Buzzsumo, the social sharing behemoth, reported on 2015 content popularity as continues to follow:
They explain that the subject of the contents was the viral element of these articles: health, dietary, and fitness advice. Buzzfeed knows shareable content, and they were the clear leader in socially-shared fitness themes. A simple Google search for “Buzzfeed fitness” returns over 800,000 results:

33. Inform us about your secrets.

No, I’m not proposing should you divulge all of your secrets. Rather, engage your readers more deeply by giving data about your business procedures and procedures “from the horse’s mouth.” It’s all about honesty and authenticity, and it resonates strongly with readers. People enjoy the feeling of having special knowledge. I do this as often as necessary, for instance, by updating my audience on the $100,000 challenge, presenting all relevant data, metrics, and income figures, and sharing the lessons I’m learning from my experiment.

34. Start a series or regular feature.

Some topics are so broad that they can’t be adequately covered in a single post—not even a long-form one. When you stumble across one of these, think about turning it into a series for your readers. Create cliffhangers at the end of each one to keep them craving more. You could also create a weekly or monthly feature for your blog. For example, every Monday, you could highlight happenings in your sector on social media, or every month, you could highlight a new product or service.34.

35. Share success stories with customers.

Ideally, satisfied customers will occasionally contact you to express their appreciation. When this happens, ask if you can utilize their comments in a blog post for your business. Begin this sort of message by describing the problem the client was having. Describe the product or service they used, and then describe how it help him solve their issue. Include additional comments from the actual client if possible to make the post extra engaging.


Popular topics come and go. You may choose a technique today only to find it has gone out of favor the next day. That’s part of the drama and excitement of blogging. You’ll deal with it, pick up your traffic, and go on your business. The topics, techniques, and tactics listed above almost certainly will make you the most popular blogger just on the world. Maybe you have all of the traffic you need. Perhaps you already know the intended audience. Maybe you’re content. Nevertheless, if you want to see some improvement, it certainly won’t hurt to try a few of these.

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